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The Jewels of July

Summer's abundant treasures provide bushels of darkly stained smiles, juicy dribbles and messy hands. These are the days we long for all year. Every summer day, I smile with pride at our little orchard and briar, brimming with possibilities and delicious delights. Yet, there's more than meets the eye there. Not only are these fruits "jammed" with culinary opportunities (ya see what I did there, yeah!? ;)), but they provide a plethora of nutritional, medicinal and skincare prospects as well. Every plant part has its unique role to play, revealing the true beauty of our natural world.

Our July Collection, "You're So Fruity!" offers a sampling of the beauty benefits hidden within our favorite fruits of summer. From fruit purees hand-harvested on our farm to carefully selected carrier oils, we've created a veritable fruit basket of healing gifts, from seed to skin!

Berried Treasures

This month's soap collection is truly unique! We've found loads of inspiration growing just outside our door. Real fruit purees feature in a few of our soaps, amping up the antioxidant quotient and offering a bounty of skincare benefits.

Our Mulberry soap contains both a mulberry puree and a mulberry leaf oil infusion. Mulberry leaf is a prized skincare ingredient in Asia, where it's been utilized for centuries for glowing, well nourished skin. Our Elderberry soap contains both an elderberry puree and an elderflower tisane (essentially a strongly brewed herbal tea). Both are known to be mildly astringent, helping to reduce the size of pores, not to mention the amazing antioxidant content. Plus the lather on these bars is simply incredible! And, of course, they smell like summer! :) We're offering mini bars of each of these so you can experiment and discover your favorites.

We've brought back a previous favorite - our Blueberry Thyme bar! Naturally colored with indigo, these bars are an aromatic delight of sweet and savory notes. The cult classic Black Raspberry Vanilla joins whimsical Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Pie in our berry best lineup! These are a must see (and sniff)!

Our berry theme continues with an adorable, hand painted strawberry bath bomb! Bring summer's juicy sweetness to your bath and luxuriate in the jammy aroma while soaking up deep moisturization from our premium botanical formula. Pure berry bliss!

The true jewel of our briar patch is our limited edition Berry Boost Daily Facial Serum. Lovers of our Sol Daily Super Serum will be delighted with this new blend, bursting with berry seed oils. Elderberry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry seed oils feature in this luxurious blend, offering up loads of antioxidants, carotenoids, essential fatty acids and polyphenols for the ultimate in summer skin protection.

This month's Bubble Box offers a trio of our berry best soaps! You don't have to be a subscriber to pick up one of these adorable boxes for a sweet little gift set. Available online and in the shop!

Summer's Radiant Heart

We've brought back another Solstice cult favorite! For last summer's Lammas Collection, we introduced our Summer Stone Fruit Creamy Clay Mask & Cleanser. Our subscribers raved about this super nourishing mask laden with stone fruit oils. We've rebranded it as Orchard Radiance, but the formula remains the same. Packed with a powerful combination of 100% plant-based oils (including apricot kernel, plum kernel and cherry kernel oils), this mask works on a cellular level to help promote cell turnover and collagen production, revealing plump, radiant skin. These luxury carrier oils contain unique fatty acid profiles that offer exquisite benefits not found elsewhere. An extra boost from one of stone fruit's more hidden gifts, apricot seed powder gently exfoliates the skin to help shed old skin cells, revealing brighter skin. Glow like a summer goddess (or the flawless skin of a perfect plum)!

Go Bananas!

This month's collection is a balance of whimsy and function, and nothing showcases that symmetry as fruitfully as these banana-centric goodies with loads of skincare appeal. ;)

Our Banana Pudding soap has a generous inclusion of ripe banana puree - this humble fruit is a secret skincare superstar! We've paired the moisturizing magic of banana puree with super creamy, skin conditioning coconut cream, soothing colloidal oatmeal and kaolin clay for a bar that is arguably a near perfect skincare partner. It may look a bit rustic, but there's a lot to love in this little bar. Banana pudding lovers will adore the authentic aroma!

Sultry Southern summer days and beach vacations beget tropical vibes and hankerings for cooling refreshments. The classic sweet and fruity pina colada is a summertime staple in beachside bars, always adorned with those adorable little drink umbrellas. Our interpretation of this nostalgic classic highlights the skincare rewards in this tropical fruit medley. Introducing our Pina Colada Foaming Powder Cleanser! Creamy, moisturizing coconut milk powder, exfoliating and vitamin-rich banana powder, and enzyme laden pineapple powder offer a bounty of skin nourishment and benefits in a convenient and easy to use powder formula. Just add water and witness the magick!

The Scoop

We've got lots of new accessories in the shop to complement our skincare and soap offerings! Come see us Fri-Sun at 23 Rectory St., next to Angelina's Kitchen.

Pittsboro Summerfest! We'll be open this Sunday, July 3rd, from 12-4, so stop on by before you head on up to the festivities at Summerfest, which runs from noon til 11p.

Pittsboro Farmer's Market You can find us the 1st Thursday of the month at the farmer's market, now located at The Plant on Lorax Lane.

Third Thursdays at SoCo You can find us at the SoCo patio adjacent to the Circle every 3rd Thursday of the month, along with your favorite Circle City Merchant vendors and retailers. Entertainment included!

Happy Summer! Enjoy the 4th of July festivities!



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