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Glowing skin from head to-matoes!

We're so excited over this month's "Veggin' Out" Collection! We're taking farm-to-skincare seriously in this luxurious assortment of skincare goodies. As a long-time member of the Pittsboro Farmers Market and an avid supporter -and consumer!- of nutrient-dense farm fresh foods, this collection truly exemplifies our core philosophy of bringing you seasonally influenced plant-powered beauty that also supports our local farming community. Our farmer friends are a vital piece in growing sustainable communities.

The Veggin' Out Collection Highlights

The core of our collection this month is a trio of facial soaps that are brimming with the garden's finest bounty and a very special facial oil.

Brunch Babe artisan complexion bar - Ever heard of a Michelada?? Perhaps you're more familiar with the quintessential brunch cocktail, the Bloody Mary? A Michelada is simply a Bloody Mary with a beer; well, a Mexican lager to be precise. So this beauty bar has all the yummy ingredients you love in this beloved brunch cocktail, but tailored for your face! Yep, we started this one with a Mexican cerveza - Pour Favor Mexican lager from our good friends down at Hugger Mugger Brewing Co. in Sanford. Beer soaps make for fabulously bubbly soaps and let me tell ya, this bar is rocking some serious bubbles! A fresh tomato puree (from our own homegrown tomatoes) teams up with lycopene-rich tomato seed oil, avocado oil and super creamy avocado butter, plus deeply moisturizing kokum butter, for a swoon worthy facial bar. Not just for breakfast, lol!

Avo & Aloe artisan complexion bar - Creamy and delicious avocado is more than just a tasty foodie favorite. Rich in saturated fats and antioxidants, this skincare superfood is more than worthy of its obsessive following. Pairing avocado up with soothing, hydrating aloe vera is a skincare match made in heaven. Your skin will thank you!

Carrot & Turmeric artisan complexion bar -

This stunning golden-hued bar is a multi-faceted dive into farm-to-face skincare. A carrot puree from sweet baby carrots courtesy of Chatham's own Screech's Tomatoes makes for a carotene-rich base of potent antioxidant protection. We layered that with a ginger infused coconut milk with ginger from Granite Springs Farm here in Pittsboro. And then we added a turmeric infused olive oil (turmeric also from Granite Springs). Meredith is a supremely talented farmer and her turmeric and ginger are a must-have market buy when in season! We always buy as much as we think we'll need for the year and freeze it all - so easy to grate whatever you need for a dish or pop a knob off for smoothies and juices. For this soap (and some other upcoming projects!), I dehydrated a bunch of both for infusing in oil. If you're a golden milk fan, I highly recommend dehydrating a bunch of both turmeric and ginger to make your own! P.S. A turmeric oil infusion is super handy as a natural soap colorant, by the way! (pic of Screech's carrots...courtesy of the one and only Angelina!)

Garden Glow daily superfood facial serum - We put lots of love into our facial oil blends and thoughtfully balance the lipid profiles to maximize their potency. These golden drops are the core of our ritual skincare ideology. They're incredibly versatile - they can be used as a stand alone step in your daily skincare routine, can be layered with a moisturizer, applied before/after sun exposure, utilized as a night serum, and/or in conjunction with a gua sha ritual.

Garden Glow is the latest offering in our stable of facial serums. Our perennial Sol Daily Super Serum is truly our gold standard and our customer favorite, a high performance blend loaded with carotenes and anti-aging botanicals. Last month we introduced Berry Boost - a new twist on our original formula with an emphasis on berry seed oils, bursting with antioxidants and powerful phytonutrients. This month we're showcasing Garden Glow - a luxurious veggie-centric blend of nourishing essential fatty acids, brightening vitamins and moisturizing minerals. Tomato and broccoli seed oils, cucumber and borage seed oils, carrot and calendula all feature here in this opulent skincare superfood blend.

Guac My World bath bomb - Our adorable avocado bath bomb is more than just a cute bath treat. With skin nourishing avocado oil and creamy avocado butter, it delivers the goods to your bathing experience. The "seed" is a dollop of solid bubble bath for extra bubbly fun! Our slow and foamy formula extends the entertainment value and delivers loads of skin nourishment as it fizzes and foams.

Cucumber & Wild Mint artisan botanical soap - Refreshingly cool cucumber puree (from cukes grown by our dear friends, Ben & Patricia over at In Good Heart Farm) pairs up with soothing aloe vera and a hint of mint from our own gardens. You'll love scrubbing down with this bar after a hot day in the sun!

Wild Tomato Vine artisan botanical soap - Gardeners and farmers know the scent of tomato vine all too well. Several years ago I grew 27 different tomato varieties in our tiny vegetable garden - it was a rambunctious jungle of tomato vines, lol! It's a distinctive aroma and this soap captures it perfectly. Try this bar at the kitchen sink to combat stinky food prep smells on your hands! Bonus smiles every time you use it!

Candles are back!!

You've been begging for them all year! :) Introducing our Farmers Market Collection of mini soy candles. We've poured this collection into adorable 4oz square mason jars with rustic pewter lids to match the farm-fresh scents! Stop by the shop and smell them all! We're also offering a trio boxed set for the candle lovers in your life.

August happenings!

Come find us down at the Pittsboro Farmers Market on Thursday, Aug 4th, where we'll be slinging soapy goodness. We're loving the new location down at The Plant, aka The Chatham Beverage District. So many perks to shopping here! If you haven't made the short trip across town, you definitely should!

And just for fun.....soapy meme drop! :)

Love and light, my friends!



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