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Cultivating Calm

Wake up, check emails, drink coffee, eat, work, check social media, eat, sleep, repeat! We are living in a very busy time and with the added stress of the past few years and everything associated with a pandemic, some of us are truly NOT okay. The constant barrage and stimulation coming from every direction has resulted in our endocrine system being kicked into overdrive, and we rarely get much true rest. This means we are frequently experiencing some level of stress, even if we don’t realize it. As we know, such prolonged stress can level a serious toll on our health and wellbeing.

So what can we do about it? Removing the stressors would seem an obvious option, but alas, for most of us, our stressors are a part of life that can't simply be removed (y'know, like kids and jobs, lol). Learning how to slow down and stay calm amid the chaos of life is the lifeboat that we all need. Going to a spa may be wonderful, but until you teach yourself how to achieve peace of mind from the inside, you'll continue to be vulnerable to the effects of stress. Cultivating calm is an investment with bountiful health benefits. This month's Lavender Collection is all about cultivating those calm, peaceful vibes! We've paired up our favorite herbal ally with its natural crystal partner, amethyst, the breathtakingly beautiful crystal of spirituality and contentment, to create a soothing duo for your self-care rituals. You're sure to find some hidden gems here that will soothe both your soul and physical body.

Introducing our May 2022 Lavender Collection!

Every month I start out with a lengthy list of products I want to birth into being. It's always way too much, lol! As each week wears on, that list gets shorter and shorter. And this past month wore me out! I've come to understand that I simply have to meet myself where I'm at right now in my life and accept that my own self-care comes first. It's not easy to accept such truths, especially as a business owner, but I have found that by surrounding myself with loads of self-love and empathy for my healing journey surely helps to ease some of my frustrations. Working so closely with lavender and amethyst this month helped me to bring more balance into my life and see my place in the Universe more clearly. I hope that this collection provides you with the same serenity!

Here are the highlights of our Lavender Collection product lineup!

Artisan Botanical Soaps

A lovely collection of bars that showcase lavender's true range.

  • Lavender Lemonade - the perfect combo of bright, sunny lemon notes balanced by soothing herbal lavender!

  • Lavender London Fog - bergamot + lavender = a dreamy duo!

  • Herb Farm - a unique soap loaded with herbal goodness, all hand harvested from our farm.

  • Lavender & White Sage - when you need to scrub away all the heavy energies of the day, this beauty is there to turn your shower into a relaxing, self-care retreat

  • Lavender Soother Facial Bar - lavender, aloe, oats and cleansing clay combine with a complexion soothing base of specially selected butters and oils to create this fabulous facial bar.

Momma's Magic Bath

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we created this indulgent and tranquil bath blend to encourage moms to take their own time-out. Skin soothing herbal allies, lavender and chamomile, pair up with colloidal oats and coconut milk for a relaxing spa treat. It's not just for mom, though! Cranky kiddos? This bedtime bath will work some magic and invite a quiet evening so mom can enjoy her favorite pasttime.

Slumberland Sleep Salve

Another handy tool for momma's bedtime toolkit! Just swipe this salve on the forehead and temples and take a deep whiff. A deeply sedative combination of lavender, chamomile, catnip, and cedarwood to send you off to dreamland. We've made this one before and those of you that purchased it always came back for more! Kids looove it!

Lavender Luxe Ultra Nourishing Face Cream

A luxurious addition to our skincare lineup! Thick and rich and incredibly moisturizing! This is plant-based skincare at its finest. Lavender, chamomile, aloe, oats, and marshmallow feature here alongside vegan collagen and an olive oil derived silicone alternative to bring you maxxx moisturization. Oh and did I mention amethyst extract??! Indeed, we went all out to create this dream cream.

Royal Lavender Whipped Body Souffle

Our OG lavender body butter - lavender, sweet orange and frankincense - now completely re-formulated for supreme skin penetration and absorption. No greasy feel from this butter! Creamy, mousse-like texture that aborbs quickly and leaves a whisper dry finish.

Empath's Armor Personal Aura Protection Spray

Are you an empath or a healer that feels allll the energies, all the time? Empath's Armor has been carefully crafted to help you shed those unwanted energies, protect your boundaries, and bring you a sense of peace and calm. With a little help from amethyst, black tourmaline and smoky quartz and a generous blessing of Reiki, this spray will help you get grounded and centered so you can save the world again tomorrow.

Mystic Sol Ritual Aroma Roller

Are you a mystic? A mystic is one who has a direct experience with the sacred or the divine and feels their interconnectedness with all that is. This aromatic blend has been intentionally crafted to support the crown chakra so that you can open yourself up to these profound and sacred experiences.

New in the Shop!

We've been carefully curating a selection of accessories for you in the shop so that we can be your one-stop gift shop. We now have greeting cards, seed sets, skincare tools, smoke bundles, wax melters, crystals and more! Our goal is for you to have everything you need to custom craft the perfect gift set. We're all unique; there's no one-size-fits-all gift solution. We're not offering all of these new items on the website so you'll have to stop by the shop to see what's new in store. Adding more unique items daily!

Speaking of the shop, I've had to tweak my hours a bit for my own self-care purposes. I was pushing myself way too hard! New hours are Fridays 11-6, Saturdays 12-5, and Sundays 12-4. Come by and take a peek!

Upcoming Events

April was full of fun events in Pittsboro. The Pittsboro Scavenger Hunt was by far the most fun of all! Each team that came to the shop had to complete a sun-themed challenge - a full sun salutation and, for bonus points, sing "You Are My Sunshine" on the shop steps as a live Facebook video. What a treat! Huge kudos to the Circle City Merchants gang who worked tirelessly to create and promote this awesome event. We're looking forward to the next one!

Bazaar Night Market - May 13th 4-8pm

Join us for a spring shopping extravaganza at The Plant! Hosted by Reclamation and BMC Brewing. Shopping, food, and plenty of drinks make for a fun and exciting adventure at The Plant, aka the Chatham Beverage District. This unique venue is truly Pittsboro's hidden gem. Hope to see you all there!

Bountiful Beltane blessings!



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