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Bewitching Beauty

Welcome to our favorite season - the Season of the Witch! Autumn vibes are BWE - big witch energy and we are here for it! LOL! You'll find plenty of witchy fun in our Be Witch Me Collection this month! From soaps and bath bombs to stones and stickers, we're all in for the witchy vibes.

Not only is autumn the season for all things dark and mysterious, but it's the final harvest and a cornucopia of botanical skincare treasures - a veritable feast of offerings from Mother Earth. While you're sipping your pumpkin spice latte, we're slathering on the pumpkin goodness in the form of soap, scrubs, and oil cleansers. Pumpkin spice is nice, but we're mixing it up with earthy aromatics and hauntingly dark florals. Check out our October collection - available now online and in-store!

Are YOU a witch??

Witches have always walked among us from the beginning of time, in stories, legends, and in every community across the globe. From Circe to Hermione, from Morgan le Fay to Marie Laveau, the witch has long existed in the tales we tell about (mostly) women with strange powers that can harm or heal. Throughout most of history, she has been someone to fear, a destructive entity with nefarious intentions, tortured, buried and burned due to many different worldly agendas that fill our past, and yes, even in our present. But what truly is a witch and what is the source of this fear of her?

A Witch is the Healer, the Goddess, the spark of the Divine Feminine. All these things are the same, but the word “witch” holds more of a charge than the others. A Witch is the wild, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate lover of nature, animals, the Great Mother Earth and all of Earth's creatures. A Witch knows the power of her/their thoughts, words and actions. The ultimate social justice warrior, the witch is a defender of earth and spirit; the icon of female knowledge and power. The witch is a powerful woman, one not afraid of her world and thus cannot be controlled, a woman with boundaries and self-respect, who owns her mysticism and creative power, one open to change and transmutation from within. And therein lies the secret to why witches have so long been feared. When you start to do your inner work and peer into the shadows of your internal wildness, your relationships may change. You may start to see things from a different perspective and see people, places, and things in a different light. You will start outgrowing conversations, things you once loved no longer resonate with you, you can no longer tolerate being spoken to in certain ways, what your drawn to shifts, you begin to wake up into your sensitivity and sense what is beyond a person's words or actions. You start to heal your wounds and traumas by peering into the truth of the moment, honoring how you feel, and making powerful choices that are respectful to your mind, body, senses and spirit. You start to realize all along you've had the gift of knowing, of truth and wisdom.

October is The Season of The Witch because it is one of the most powerful times of the year to put down what you've been carrying, look at where you've been and where you come from, honor your ancestors, and own your own special brand of magick. Blessed be, my dear ones.

The Be Witch Me Collection!

We donned our witch hats, fired up the soap cauldron and twitched our noses to create this magical collection of aromatic alchemy for you!

Artisan Botanical Soaps

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Our October soap collection is bubbling over with witchy delights! You're sure to find at least one to covet...some of you will be spellbound by each and every one! Not gonna lie...I'll be keeping a few for my personal collection! ;0

Be sure to check out each of our listings for the full deets. We've thoughtfully paired our designs with #scentstories to enchant you and set the mood!

  • Plump Pumpkin Complexion bar - pure pumpkin puree from farm-fresh pumpkin sourced from HeartSong Farm features here alongside our favorite seasonal skincare allies - pumpkin and pomegranate seed oils. We've formulated this bar to be a perfect partner for acne types as well as dry/dehydrated skin. With a beer base from a full pint of Pumpkin Pie Porter from Deep River Brewing Co., a dab of raw honey, and all those natural sugars from the pumpkin, this bar offers loads of bubbles and lather. Pure #farmtoskincare goodness!

  • Happy Fall, Y'all! - Layers of spice mingle with mid notes of toasted pumpkin and ends with a flourish of sandalwood and patchouli. Real pumpkin puree for extra skin-tastic benefits!

  • Samhain Harvest - a blend of zesty orange peel and juicy mandarin with fresh cracked peppercorn for a spicy citrus delight. One of my all time favorite scents!

  • Witch's Familiar - scented in a mysterious, bewitchingly dark floral blend of ginger, black pepper, ylang ylang, jasmine and orchid that finishes with lusty amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. Othwerwordly to be sure!

  • The Veil - Captivating and sensual...succulent black currants and blackberries embody the heart of this fragrance while patchouli, amber, dark musk, sweet anise and tonka bean add richness and intensity. Truly magickal!

  • Spooky Stories - A smoky mix of whiskey barrel, cinnamon, cedarwood and sandalwood melds into a warm union with crisp evergreen notes.

  • Bite Me! - Snow White would indeed take this bite! Crisp, ripe apple notes backed by earthy sage. Delightful!

  • Queen of the Underworld - our crowning jewel! A complex and sophisticated scent profile with the sweet nectar of dark plum notes offset by tart, ripe pomegranate wrapped in warm notes of spice - saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, and benzoin - backed by a hint of smoky incense. Deeply dramatic.

Hocus Pocus Cauldron Candle Collection

A magickal assortment of fall favorites! Each candle was poured into a black cauldron style tin and is topped with a sprinkling of witchy magick!

With our magic wands we've imbued each of these with extra special touches. Every crystal was specifically selected for its spiritual and metaphysical properties to align with the vibe of each of our candles.

Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble! Spellbinding Bath Bombs!

Unleash your inner witch with these captivating bath bombs. They're sure to elevate your bath experience!

From dark florals to classic pumpkin aromas, there's something to please even the most finicky witches!

Bewitching Beauty Skincare Delights

Pumpkin seed oil is the star of our skincare show this month! For plump and blemish-free skin, this incredible oil is our seasonal go-to! As seasons change, our skin tends to get drier and readily reflects the effects of summer UV exposure, requiring a little more TLC than usual. Loaded with essential fatty acids and powerful phytonutrients, pumpkin seed oil will help your skin transition from summer to fall without missing a beat. The lactic acid in pumpkin evens out skin tone while its collagen-boosting Vitamin C content replenishes and brightens your skin and helps fade dark spots (hyperpigmentation) and scarring, minimizes pore size and eliminates excess oil.

  • Harvest Moon Face & Body Polish - This scrub is for all you dedicated PSL lovers! A double dose of pumpkin goodness from pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin powder coupled with maxxximum caffeine - coffee seed oil and rich, creamy coffee butter - offers up a bounty of skincare bennies. Plumping, firming, brightening, and balancing...all while gently exfoliating and preparing your skin for the dry season.

  • Autumn Gold Daily Oil Cleansing Serum - Those of you who have tried our other oil cleanser formulas are hooked, and for good reason! Gentle and effective cleansing that balances sebum better than any other cleansing method. If you have acne-prone, oily and/or dry skin, this is the cleanser for you. Our Autumn Gold formula pairs up pumpkin seed oil with luxurious pomegranate seed oil aka "nature's botox" and a cornucopia of powerful skin healing lipids to calm inflammation, regenerate skin tissue and fade scars, balance sebum and combat acne. We love the OCM (oil cleansing method) as a nightly self care ritual. It melts away makeup and impurities and nourishes skin through the night while you sleep. A winning combo!

  • Haw River Heat Muscle Relief Rub - Y'all have been so patient with me while this top seller has been out of stock! It's back with a new name and an improved formula. This time around we've relied on our local farmers to help us create this #seedtoskin formula with locally curated ingredients. We've got cayenne from Heart Song Farm and ginger and turmeric from Granite Springs Farm, alongside hops and goldenrod from our own gardens. It's a potent healing potion! We've packaged it in a convenient deodorant-style container for easy swiping of large muscle areas.

October Bubble Box: Bewitching Beauty

Our October suds-cription beauty box is an enchanting collection of our harvest favorites. Our Plump Pumpkin Complexion bar, Samhain ritual aroma roller, and a Moon Spells bath bomb feature in this beguiling box!

Aromatic Apothecary

We have a few surprises for you that we'll release in the coming week. I've been a little behind this month and the hurricane didn't help at all! No power at the shop all day Saturday was another day lost, so while I don't have pics or live listings for you just yet, you can be sure that your seasonal faves are still coming!

  • Samhain Ritual Aroma Roller - Y'all, I have to make more and more of this one every year! It's gathered quite the cult following! A rich and mysterious blend of sweet orange, patchouli, ginger, clove and black pepper in a base of mugwort infused EVOO. Protection for the thinning veil. Donned with a sprig of dried mugwort and carnelian chips for added protection, Reiki blessed for your highest and greatest good, and packaged in a sleek black frosted roller for those witchy vibes.

  • The Visionary Ritual Aroma Roller - This one is a third eye chakra roller blend with laboradite, lapis lazuli, amethyst and mugwort. Reach the deeper levels of yourself, control your inner vision and visualize your intentions -- and watch your life change by your will. A heady blend of lavender, frankincense grapefruit, cypress, clary sage, davana and sandalwood.

  • Bye Bitch! Hex Buster Evil Eye Elixir - You don't have to live in a haunted house to become a victim of evil spirits. Evil forces surround us every day, everywhere, and we can fall victim to these energies unknowingly. Negative energies from other people can be toxic to our own auric field, particularly if another person truly wishes you harm. Our evil eye protection spray is a high vibrational formula that combines protective herbal aromatics with crystals known for their protective qualities to help you dispel any negativity aimed at you. Our blue glass bottles are adorned with an evil eye amulet to ward off curses.

Upcoming Events

October is a busy month! While you can shop online 24/7 or pop into our retail boutique Fri-Sun, you can also find us at these events throughout the month! We don't plan to do any events except market in November, so definitely check out these events!

  • Pittsboro Farmers Market - Find us at the market down at The Plant this Thursday, 10/7, from 3-6p. We'll have all our soapy wares and some candles! Just for fun and a little hocus pocus, we're also planning on being at market on Oct 27th for the Halloween market!

  • Local Makers Pop Up Market - NC Local is hosting this event of local artisans on October 13th from 4-7p at the Potterstone Village Clubhouse. Come out and shop with us! Food truck on site!

  • Vintage Market at SoCo- Come on down to Reclamation on Sunday, Oct 30th from 12-5p and shop with a wide variety of vendors. Always a good time and a great place to find unusual and one-of-a-kind gifts for your holiday shopping.

Blessed Samhain, Witches!

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