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This skin-protective herbal balm includes an abundance of hand-harvested, young leafy herbs readily found in our early spring’s budding landscape: nettle leaves, dandelion leaf & flower, plantain, chickweed, comfrey, violet leaf and flower & yarrow. These green gifts from the Earth bring us bountiful medicine.


Each of these common “weeds” are well known for their wound healing abilities and are commonly used by herbalists and foragers as field dressings. Even at a young age, my daughter was well versed in the use of plantain as a spit poultice to stop the pain and itching of bee stings and bug bites! To our balm base, we’ve added an essential oil blend that provides additional anti-microbial benefits and speeds healing.


This herbal healing balm is our go-to for every little cut and scrape, bruise and bang, bite and sting. Our family totes a tube along everywhere we go and always have one stashed in the first aid kit. Our customers rave about how amazed they are with how quickly and thoroughly this balm heals the skin!


Ingredient Spotlight:

Yarrow – named after the legendary Greek warrior, Achilles, who is said to have carried yarrow onto the battlefield to staunch the wounds of his soldiers, this amazing herbal ally does indeed have the ability to slow bleeding. A valuable plant friend.

Comfrey – once commonly called “knitbone” because of its amazing ability to heal broken bones and “knit” them back together again. The incredible healing action this plant has on broken bones and wounds comes from a constituent contained in the leaf and root called allantoin. This compound is a cell proliferant which helps to regenerate wounded areas of the body and speed up new healthy cell growth. Comfrey is also amazing for healing bruises, almost overnight. A special kind of plant magick!

Plantain – the ubiquitous yet humble plantain is an herbalist’s BFF. support wound healing by reducing inflammation, blocking microbial growth, drawing out toxins and relieving pain. When applied to bug bites, stings, or poison ivy rashes, plantain eases the itch and repairs damaged tissues.

Nettles – a superb healer, both internally and externally! Nettles contain potent bioactive compounds to prevent infection, regulate inflammation, lessen bleeding and stimulate wound healing.

Chickweed – cooling and soothing minor burns, skin irritations, and rashes particularly when associated with dryness and itching. For many decades it was the go-to plant in order to draw out boils and splinters.

Calendula – a multipurpose healer particularly powerful for sensitive skin. Her skin healing properties are invaluable; thus why we use calendula in nearly every single skincare product we make! Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a powerful promoter of new tissue growth.



Vernal infusion blend (comfrey, plantain, dandelion leaf/flower, nettles, chickweed, yarrow, & violet leaf/flower in olive oil), Calendula oil (in olive oil), Coconut oil, Beeswax, Mixed tocopherols, Rosemary extract, Essential oils of: Lavender, Lemon, Tea tree, Frankincense & Yarrow


How to Use:

Apply to minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, bug bites, poison ivy rashes, dry/chapped skin, etc. Wash wounds with an antiseptic before use. Do NOT apply to open, gaping wounds or severe burns. For external use only.


This listing for one 0.5oz recyclable paperboard tube.

Vernal Herbal Healing Balm

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