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It's baaack!! Our number one most requested body product! We only make body butter seasonally to avoid melting of our product in high temps. Available in limited quantities so grab some while you can!


All new scents and a new and improved formulation!


We feel like body butters get a bad rap these days in the skincare circles. With literally thousands of DIY skincare bloggers proclaiming that body butter is a cheap and easy DIY...just micro some shea butter and coconut oil and voila!! Well, sure, if that's what you're into, grease monkey, go for it. But that's not what our body butter is.....


So what's so great about our body butter?? Our sumptuous formula delivers deep moisturization and skin conditioning with NO greasiness! We whip our butter to a fluffy, dreamy mousse-like texture that immediately sinks deep into your skin. It glides on effortlessly with a powdery dry-down leaving your skin feeling velvety soft for hours afterwards. We've thoughtfully formulated our butter with a unique and luxurious blend of lipids and plant-based butters to maximize the delivery of skin loving essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The addition of powerful botanical extracts amps up the skin nutrititive quotient. Your skin will love you!


Why don't we package this in larger sizes? This product is SUPER CONCENTRATED. Trust us, you don't need a tub of this butter. I mean, you may WANT to dive into a tub of it after one sniff, LOL, but believe it or not, this jar will last you plenty long enough. You truly only need quarter and dime-sized amounts for full coverage of most areas.


Our aromatic blends (we utilize a combination of pure essential oils and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils for a subtle, but highly enjoyable aromatic experience) :

Vanilla Sandalwood - Rich and deeply aromatic sacred sandalwood pairs up with sweet, creamy vanilla for an incomparable aromatic union.

Sleeping Beauty - Beloved lavender, while quite lovely on its own, reaches new depths of dreamy comfort when coupled with soft, creamy vanilla, an intriguing whisper of smoke, and warm amber. Massage this one in at bedtime and you'll slip into your dreams with a smile.

Cozy Cashmere - Soft and sophisticated with a delicate sweetness. Powdery top notes couple with airy citrus notes of bergamot and lime that lean into earthy middle notes of patchouli, sage and lavender. A deep woodsy base of balsam, cedar, sandalwood, and rich amber weaves a tale of elegance and sumptious warmth. Wrap yourself in comfort!


Ingredient Spotlight:

Mango butter - rejuvenating and wound healing as well as UV protective; dry feeling with a light feel on the skin

Cupaucu butter - one of nature’s most powerful, antioxidant-rich moisturizers; unmatched ability to retain moisture, even 8hrs post-application!

Kokum butter - non-greasy, lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, this exotic plant butter penetrates deep into the dermal layers, fighting skin damage before it even starts.

Shea butter - Everyone knows that shea butter is amazing! Its unique fatty acid profile brings extra skin nourishment properties that soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Evening primrose oil - high in gamma linolenic acid, a fatty acid responsible for reducing inflammation, wound healing, and deeply nourishing

Meadowfoam seed oil - balances our natural sebum; seals in moisture to keep the skin soft and supple

Apricot kernel oil - an excellent oil for mature skin! Highly emollient, nourishing and revitalizing. Soothes irritations and supports the protective barrier function of the skin.

Oat oil - luxurious and highly emollient; soothes and conditions the skin; anti-inflammatory and anti-itching.

Marula oil - One of Africa's most prized botanical treasures! Easily absorbed, with a silky feel, marula helps improve the ability of the skin to hold moisture deep in its layers.


Full Ingredient List*:

Mango butter, Cupuacu butter and/or Kokum butter*, Evening primrose oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Meadowfoam seed oil, Apricot kernel oil, Cetyl alcohol, Coco-caprylate/carpate, Shea butter, Marula oil and/or Oat seed oil*, Arrowroot powder, Caprylic/Capric/Myristic/Stearic Triglyceride, Isopropyl myristrate, Fragrance, Essential oils of: Lavender, Calendula flower extract, Oat Co2, Mixed tocopherols & Rosemary leaf extract

*Substitutions may be made on occassion due to cost and availability of ingredients.




This product is super concentrated (hence why we don't sell it in big tubs)!! Use sparingly and massage lightly into skin daily. Applied to dry skin, you'll find a powdery, satin-like finish. Applied while skin is still damp after bathing, it will self-emulsify upon skin contact and sink in deeply, with a smooth, silky application. Our Ultimate Body Butter is non-greasy for most skin types, but if you are one of the few that finds body butters tend to be too greasy for your tastes, we HIGHLY recommend that you use it as part of your nighttime skincare regimen (preferably after bathing). This will allow these powerful skin nutrients much more time to do their job. Did we mention applying it to damp skin? You'll be amazed by the difference, we promise.


This listing for one 3oz amber glass jar.

Ultimate Body Butter

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