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The newest addition to our Chakra Collection of ritual aromatic rollers! 


The fifth or throat chakra resides in the throat region of the body and includes the neck, shoulders, jaw, esophagus, vocal cords, trachea and up to the ears, thyroid, and parathyroid. Its color is blue, and its elements are considered to be ether (or space), the sky, and sound. Derived from Sanskrit, "Vishuddha" (the Sanskrit name for this chakra) translates to "especially pure." It signifies the purification of our thoughts, words, and actions. This chakra is all about communication (both verbal and non-verbal), openness, honesty, and purity of speech, the ability to make the right choices, seeking to understand different perspectives without judgement, and gives us willpower, self-expression, and the right to speak and be heard in truth and harmony. Communication is a key element of the fifth chakra...both the ability to speak (in truth) but also the other side of communication…that of active listening, which is far more difficult for most of us!


The fifth chakra gives us an appreciation of all things beautiful and helps with our artistry in whatever form we have—painting, dancing, singing, writing, sculpting, or drawing. From here we gain the inspiration for this part of us to come forward in order to share with the rest of the world and connect with both the physical and spiritual world on a deeper level. And with this appreciation comes a deep sense of gratitude. Living authentically and in alignment with your values and beliefs is promoted by a balanced throat chakra. This energy supports you in being true to yourself and having a strong sense of integrity.


When the throat chakra is balanced, we are expressive and communicative, our creative imaginations are sparked and ready for action. Lies, dishonesty, and toxic language cannot be tolerated when the throat chakra is balanced. Those who spew lies and "alternative truths" cannot be tolerated. 


When this chakra is deficient, there is an inability to express oneself, shyness, timidness, often with feelings of powerlessness. However, a severely blocked 5th chakra may manifest as arrogance, deceitfulness, manipulation, long-windedness (like hearing themselves talk) and frequent interruptions, "mansplaining", gossiping, poor listening skills, and lack of creativity. (Oh yeah, you know the type!) Other physical signs include frequent sore throats, teeth clenching, jaw tightening, speech impediments or eating disorders.


One of the responsibilities of the throat chakra is to restore energy by detoxifying impurities from the body and mind. Unhealthy food, pollution, and excess consumption of "toxic culture" (such as doomscrolling, watching the news, poor quality programming, etc) may block the Throat Chakra, while an active fifth chakra contributes to the preservation of our health. Balancing the throat chakra might begin with mindfulness meditation (listening, stillness), yoga and/or deep breathing exercises, creative pursuits/artistic endeavors, singing and/or chanting, journaling, a clean whole foods diet (eat those blue foods!), unplugging from social media for a while, and setting intentions to break old habits and create healthier ones. 


Throat Chakra Affirmations: 

The repetition of affirmations sets the intention to break old patterns and create new, healthier and more effective, ones. Choose the affirmations that resonate with you the most. 

"I listen to my intuition and articulate my inner truth. I claim and honor my true voice. I express myself with clarity and confidence. I am able to clearly state my needs and I am heard. I share my experiences and wisdom with others. I love myself and I express my love for others. I embrace creativity as it flows in and through me. I live an honest and authentic life.


A poem here for your inspiration.

Offering the benefits of our mindfully crafted blend of powerful essential oils that have been carefully chosen for their (insert here) qualities in a crystal infusion of Blue Chalcedony & Clear Quartz. 



How to Use: 

Roll on like a personal perfume, ensuring that you cover pulse points on the wrists, neck and throat (particularly!), behind the ears, etc. Inhale the scent deeply while applying and reapply as often as needed for stress relief, grounding, and balance. 


Crafted in small batches with ceremony and intention, harnessing the incredible synergy when energy, plant, and stone medicine come together. Each bottle leaves my hands with a Reiki blessing for your highest and greatest good.


This listing for one 10ml blue roll-on bottle.


Ingredients: Marshmallow infused olive oil, essential oils; blue chalcedony &  clear quartz; Reiki blessings



Truth Teller Ritual Aroma Roller

  • Wild Mint - works to support healthy cognitive function so that we can translate our ideas into the world, encourage a positive mood to keep our imagination flowing.

    Blue Cypress - helps us to ground and center and nourish our inner self for higher spiritual connection, fostering stability and confidence, empowering you to express yourself with authenticity and assurance.

    White Cypress - helps us to surrender to our experiences so that we may learn and grow from them; helps us release false beliefs about ourselves so that we may speak our truth.

    Juniper Berry - this blue-tinted berry encourages your inner wisdom to come forward, releasing negative and outdated thoughts and clearing the way for you to deepen the trust of your inner voice.

    Yarrow - this vibrant blue oil helps strengthen boundaries and seals the protection field so that we are able to maintain compassionate awareness and sensitivity while shielding us from toxic influences. Helps to dispel fears and instill confidence; increases your intuition and allows your true self to rise and be seen.

    Cistus - aka Rockrose, thought to be the "Rose of Sharon" from the Bible, long utilized in meditation practices as a soothing and balancing oil that assists in connecting you with the spiritual realm and instills a deep sense of calm and tranquility. Cistus promotes willpower, perseverance, self-confidence, and motivation. For the fifth chakra cistus promotes the ability to hear spiritual messages.

  • Blue Chalcedony, known as the "speaker stone" as it brings wisdom to our words when carried; helps to promote honest and open communication and give us the courage to speak our mind. It is also known as a stone of creativity - allowing us to open our minds to assimilate new ideas and help accept new situations. This imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity, enhancing listening skills and communication, making it an optimal crystal for people learning a new language (whether literally or figuratively!).

    Clear Quartz purifies both energetic and physical body; transmutes negative energy and stabilizes emotions. Considered the master healer, it mirrors and amplifies the energy of other stones while harmonizing all chakra centers. 

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