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As we enter the new year, embark with us upon a year-long journey into magickal lands of folklore and fantastical realms of enchantment. We invite you, dear friends, to step through the mirror into an extraordinary world where magick is real and epic adventures unfold...


Are you Team Candle or Team Wax Melts?? If you're a candle lover, see our listing for The Other Side of the Mirror candles. But if you prefer the convenience of wax melts, this one is just for you! 


Our wax melts are basically mini versions of our collection of luxury candles. You decide what scent to melt and for how long! Most candles require a minimum of a 3 hour burn time in order to properly maintain the candle with an even melt pool (uneven melt pools lead to issues on future burns), a properly trimmed wick, etc. But with wax melts, you can enjoy the convenience of turning your melter on and off to meet the demands of your schedule. And wax melts have the advantage of being more economical when you feel like changing up the scent. Let the mood strike you and join Team Wax Melts!


This collection includes the following aromatic experiences: 

  • The Stacks - Grab a leather-bound tome from dusty mahogany shelves, flip the musty pages and get swept up in a fascinating tale that will transport you to fantastical realms of enchantment. Teakwood top notes lead to a heart of cedar and leather with hints of brandy and honeyed tobacco, rounded off with a base of dark musk, earthy sandalwood  and patchouli. A bibliophile's dream library!
  • The Mirror - Glance at your reflection in the Magic Mirror with might not be prepared for what you will find may show you not your form, but your personal self-deceptions. The Mirror captures one of the intoxicating scents we've ever encountered! It is both mysterious and sensual, floral and masculine, complex and seductive. Top notes of smoky oud and bold leather rise above a floral heart of rose and amyris while velvety accents of myrrh, dark musk and warm amber evolve into something otherworldly. Prepare for the unexpected! 
  • The Journey - Journey with us on a road of olfactory bliss that transcends the physical realm and leads us to the unseen, transformative worlds of the imagination. A whisper of fresh bergamot opens up to earthy oakmoss leading to a heart of smooth cedarwood wrapped in sumptuous vanilla and amber with a wisp of smokiness offering intrigue and complexity. Enduring and heady. 
  • The Crown - There is no land where queens, princesses, and rulers can do without the most important symbol of power - the crown. Are you charmed enough to don the bejeweled crown and gain the favor of your royal subjects? Fairytales are beloved for praising the noble and virtuous while punishing the evil and corrupt. Today, crowns represent the power and royal authority that exists inside all of us—the right of every person to take action and stand up for justice and goodness. We've paired The Crown with the rare and mystical palo santo, known as The Holy Wood, a highly respected tree that assists in restoring your physical and energetic wellbeing. According to shamanic lore, the tree spirit in this wood clears away negative thoughts, unfortunate situations, wards off evil spirits, and helps to re-establish peace and balance....a necessity for successfully leading a kingdom.  Subtle, sweet and woody palo santo reigns over the regal heart of this scent while notes of spicy, exotic saffron and smoky incense entertain the nose and base notes of sandalwood and patchouli gently ground this distinguished and opulent blend. 


This listing for one 3oz package of 100% soy wax melts.



Our fragrances are the highest quality available in the market - 100% phthalate-free and certified free of carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins and fully Prop 65 compliant. We comply with all IFRA standards.

The Other Side of the Mirror Wax Melt Collection

  • How to Use:

    • Add to the top of your wax melt burner or electric burner to melt. Do not add water!
    • Turn on electric burner or traditional burner with a lighted tealight and allow the wax to melt where the fragrance will fill the room.
    • Ensure that burner is situated on a stable, level, heat-proof surface away from drafts and flammable items. 
    • Wax melts should not be burned for more than 3-4 hours at a time.
    • Give the warmer time to cool before touching/handling.
    • Never leave burner unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 
    • Once the wax has solidified, you can continue re-melting until the fragrance has faded. Then simply remove the remaining wax and replace with a fresh melt. 
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