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Extend the life of your soaps, solid shampoo and conditioner bars with our Sisal Soap Saver Bag.


Ditch those yucky plastic shower sponges* and switch to a natural fiber alternative. This handy bag helps get the most out of your bars by working up a luxurious, long-lasting lather without wearing your bars down too quickly, saving you money in the long run. Plus you can toss them in the wash whenever you want and keep using them! 


The texture of the sisal also has an amazing exfoliating effect (and helps prevent the bar from slipping out of your hands). You can use it directly on your scalp with a shampoo bar or on your skin with a soap bar. Or, for a more gentle experience, you can create a lather in your hands to apply onto your scalp or skin. Whether you’re looking for suds or exfoliation, you’re sure to have a relaxing cleansing experience.


Running low on your shampoo bar or soap stash? Don’t throw those pieces away just yet! This soap saver enables you to use up your bars until every last bit is gone. Simply place the bits and pieces in the bag and lather it up until it runs out. 


For those of you who still get squeamish about using bar soap, this is the perfect solution. Everyone in the family can have their own designated sisal soap pouch - no sharing necessary! :) P.S. We'll have you know that science confirms that bacteria cannot grow on bar soap. TMYK! ;)


*Speaking of bacteria, those plastic poufs have been shown to be veritable breeding grounds of nasty bacteria. Seriously, look it up....super gross. :( So switch them out for a natural alternative. 


This listing for one natural colored sisal soap saver bag. In our retail boutique we offer a rainbow of bag colors. If you would like to substitute the natural color for blue, pink, orange, or yellow, please include that request in your comments. We'll do our best to fulfill your request, depending on available inventory. 

Sisal Soap Saver bags

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