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Our seasonally inspired Aromatic Room & Linen Sprays are the perfect complement to your home. Spritz a little joy here and there to bring the aromas of the season into your space! 


We offer both aromatherapeutic essential oil based sprays and phthalate-free premium fragrance oil options. All of our sprays are thoughtfully crafted and contain both a solubulizer and a preservative for your safety. 


Due to the seasonal nature of our scents, we do not offer all of our offerings year round. Unpopular scents will be replaced by new ones so if you love one, let us know! 



FALL 2023: 

Blackberry Sage - sweet tart blackberry balanced by earthy sage; with essential oils of lavender, clove, ginger, sage, and sweet orange

Bewitched - a dark floral blend of ginger, black pepper, ylang ylang, gardenia, jasmine, and clove that finishes with amber, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

Smooth Cedarwood - a sophisticated cedar that opens with a whisper of bergamot and oakmoss wrapped in patchouli, amber & benzoin and finishes with creamy vanilla & a hint of smoke; complex and earthy. 

Orange Pomander - zesty orange peel and juicy sweet orange with fresh cracked peppercorn. A spicy citrus delight!

Nocturn - your magical dreamland awaits! A truly sophisticated lavender scent backed by warm amber, creamy vanilla, rich myrrh and earthy clary sage. Relax and find your peace. 

Persephone - A heart of spiced dark plum and tart pomegranate backed by warm woods and a hint of smoke. Deeply alluring and complex. 

Moroccan Market - Exotic spices greet the nose with a heart of peppery ginger balanced by dark aged patchouli and warm cedarwood. Intriguingly earthy and sophisticated. 

Appalachia - Forward notes of spiced rum and tobacco wrap around cinnamon and sandalwood for a truly unique and complex woodsy aroma. 



Abundant Blessings - (essential oil blend) sweet orange with creamy vanilla resting on a base of warming spices of clove, cinnamon, pink peppercorn and ginger

Winter Wonderland - an uplifting blend of essential oils of Douglas fir, pine, cedarwood, frankincense, eucalyptus & mint

Cranberry Woods - fresh tart cranberries with evergreen accordsMerry Mistletoe - invigorating eucalyptus adds a frosty touch to woodsy pine and fir notes, grounded in patchouli, clove and cedarwood

Candied Ginger - the warmth of the kitchen on a day filled with baking delectable treats! A medley of ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice, with hints of citrus and a dash of vanilla.

Let It Snow!- An aromatic visit to the Christmas tree farm! Invigorating eucalyptus and mint mingle with pine, fir and cedarwood.

Cranberry Prosecco - an effervescent blend of cranberry & citrus. Bubbly & cheerful!


SUMMER 2023: A fresh and fun mix of beachy classics, herbal melodies, and warm, summery blends!

Seaside Sanctuary - an aquatic base of sea salt, palm and light musk - like an ocean breeze!

Mint Mojito - that classic combo of fresh garden mint and tart lime! So good!

Beach, Please! -  transport yourself to the sun-drenched beach of your dreams! Top notes of citrus blend with rich, creamy coconut milk and warm amber on a base of teakwood and salt. 

Aloha! - Bring Hawaiian vacation vibes right into your home! Plumeria (the same flower used in Hawaiian leis) boasts sweet and juicy floral notes alongside ylang ylang, jasmine and salty accords for a true tropical experience. 

Old Havana - Bay Rum lovers will love this blend! Bold, spicy top notes marry with mid notes of rich leather, teakwood and tobacco leaf; grounded by base notes of sandalwood and amber. Hot!! 

Solar Flare - if you were lucky enough to grab one of our uber popular bars of our Summer Solstice soap this year, you'll want this room spray, too! Smooth sandalwood, bright bergamot and woody vetiver offer a grounding, sensual scent that's equal parts peace and luxury. 

Citrus Basil - invigorating sweet orange and bright lemon notes enveloped in an herbal bouquet of basil, mint, and chamomile.  Garden lovers rejoice!

Market Fresh - bring the aromatic bounty of the farmers market indoors! Refreshing key lime and soothing bergamot star as the opening accords, balanced by an herbal melange of fresh basil and aromatic arugula. So fresh!

Summer Sangria - unwind with this refreshing summer classic! Top notes of bright citrus blended with a medley of muddled fruits with mid notes of barrel-aged wine. A woody oak base note adds a lovely depth that balances the wine and fruit aromas.  Cheers!!

Patchouli Limeade - Zesty key lime top notes mingle with refreshing  lemongrass with earthy mid notes of sage and thyme, all resting on a rich base of dark aged patchouli. Magic in a bottle!


Our room sprays are not formulated as, nor specifically intended, as a body spray.  While our formula is safe for skin contact, we do advise the following:  AVOID EYE CONTACT. Do not spray directly into face. Conduct a patch test before spraying on linens. Keep out of reach of children and pets.  


Ingredients: Distilled water, Polyoxyethylene 20 sorbitan monolaurate (Polysorbate20 solubilzer), Fragrance and/or Essential oils, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid (Preservative)


This listing for one 2oz amber glass spray bottle. 

Seasonal Room & Linen Sprays

  • SPRING:                    

    Garden Lilac - the alluring bouquet of lilacs in peak bloom, accented by notes of green leaves, honeysuckle and light powder for a romantic finish.

    Zen Zone - Bring relaxing spa vibes into your own home with calming and clean lemon, lime and lemongrass notes backed by hints of jasmine & powder. 

    Cotton Blossom - airy ozone & powder notes aloft on a heart of lily of the valley, iris, and cotton blossom. The essence of freshly laundered linens drying in the breeze! 

    Secret Garden - lush green florals rest on a bouquet of lilac, rose & jasmine, grounded by fresh herbal notes & earthy fresh dug soil

    Bright Day - Bright juicy lemon zesty citrus sunshine with a touch of sweetnes for lots of smiles!

    Morning Dew - Lush green notes, delicate florals & airy ozone aloft on an earthy base.

    Spa Water - Zesty lime, refreshing aloe & watery cucumber lightly sweetened by ripe fresh melon.

    Lucky Clover - Bright & lively citrus notes enhance tender green clover, dewy moss & delicate violet with soft florals

  • Snow Queen - Frosty peppermint, breezy eucalyptus and a blast of fir needle

    Sleeping Beauty - Relaxing lavender, warm amber, rich black myrrh, earthy clary sage & creamy vanilla

    Dark Romance - dark aged patchouli meets creamy vanilla & sensuous sandalwood for a marriage made in heaven!

    White Witch - a serenely balanced blend of resinous pine and balsam from the North Woods, mid notes of earthy herbal sage and patchouli (witch faves!), and sweet top notes of lime and pear.

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