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The Wheel of the Year is an ancient Celtic calendar based on festivals that celebrate our innate connection with nature, and the ebb and flow of the light and dark as the Earth makes its journey around the sun. The calendar revolves around eight festivals, from Imbolc to Yule – each one signaling a shift in the season, weather, and the natural world around us. The purpose of the calendar is to offer a deeper connection with nature and Mother Earth, as each season offers new gifts to be celebrated. Observing and honoring each of the cyclical seasonal stations (or sabbats) of the Wheel of the Year allows us opportunities for intention and reflection. 


Our seasonal ritual aroma roller blends are the perfect natural perfume accent for every season. We thoughtfully craft every detail, taking into consideration the aromatherapeutic properties of each essential oil included in our blends, and meticulously curate each scent to align with the traditional correspondences of each season. Each roller includes crystals that correspond with the blend and the season. Our roller blends are blessed with Reiki love for your highest and greatest good to assist you in your present journey.


Wearing our ritual perfume blends during the corresponding season offers you a daily opportunity to be mindful, observant, present, and to reflect upon your intentions for that month. Apply the roller as you would any perfume - to pulse points, wrists, neck, etc. Remind yourself to inhale the aroma deeply as you apply. Take a moment to center yourself, repeat any affirmations that align with your intentions, and connect with your inner wisdom. Apply as often as you like, and/or apply before you do ritual work, divination, or meditation.  Allow the power of the botanical aromas to deepen your ritual.


Beltane blend - NEW! Beltane is celebrated on the first of May, aka May Day, and is a vibrant celebration of life and all its pleasures. It is a time of fertility, creativity and boundless growth, when nature is at its most vibrant. Traditional celebrations include the wearing of floral crowns as symbols of fertility and beauty, dancing & singing around the May pole decorated with ribbons, representing love and fertility, and fire, representing passion and sexuality. 


Our beautiful Beltane blend marries an enticing floral bouquet of rose, jasmine, violet, and lily of the valley with bright sunny mandarin and lemon top notes; all wrapped in a sultry ribbon of earthy vetiver, sandalwood and musk. It's intoxicating and radiant! We've included both clear quartz crystals and fiery carnelian in each bottle to boost your confidence and allow for your true self-expression, stimulate your creativity and passion, and increase your motivation. 


Midsummer blend - COMING SOON...SUMMER SOLTICE 2024!


Mabon blend - COMING SOON...FALL EQUINOX 2024!


Samhain blend: a rich and mysterious blend of sweet orange, ginger, patchouli, clove and just a touch of pink peppercorn in a base of mugwort infused EVOO. Donned with a sprig of mugwort and carnelian chips for added protection during the thinning veil. OUR MOST POPULAR BLEND!


Yule blend: A bright blend of juicy blood orange, fir needle, eucalyptus, cedarwood, spearmint and clove brings the promise of joy and light, lifting spirits bright. Sunny sunstone harmonizes with the oils to bring balance, guidance and protection during the dark days of winter.


Imbolc blend: coming Jan 2025


Ostara blend - Spring is arriving and the dark is making way for light and the rebirth of nature. At the Spring/Vernal Equinox (Ostara), day and night are now in equal balance (observed on March 19th). It is a time of cleansing and renewal, of blossoming and fertility.


A heart of watery, green lily of the valley ushers in spring in a dreamy floral bouquet accented with lilac and peony blossom. Hints of citrusy bergamot and sweet peach top notes add a sweet contrast to the deep green base with hints of light musk that wrap a silky ribbon around this romantic bouquet! Green aventurine and clear quartz renew one's optimism for life and bring good luck.


This listing for one 10ml aromatic roller bottle blend. 

Seasonal Ritual Aroma Rollers

  • Perfume oil rollers do not contain any alcohol and thus won't have the staying power of a true parfum. However, here's a few tips to get the most out of each application:

    • Apply your perfume oil to moisturized skin. Aroma molecules evaporate far more slowly on well hydrated skin. Dry skin will quickly dissipate fragrance as well as those lighter and brighter top notes and floral heart notes.
    • Apply after bathing/showering when possible, when pores are open for maximum absorption. 
    • Try layering your scented products for a longer aromatic experience. Select scents that complement and/or have similar note profiles. A scented lotion or body oil will moisturize AND maximize scent retention. 
    • Apply to pulse points but do NOT rub in (rubbing will make the top notes burn off more quickly!). If you apply more than you wanted, simply tap your wrists together or dab on another pulse point. Warmth exuded from these points will project scent the longest. Best pulse points: wrists, neck/behind ears, collar bones, heart space, inner elbows (a great spot for long-lasting diffusion!), and behind knees.
    • However, there are certain spots that experts DO NOT recommend applying any perfume to, inlcuding eyes, face, privates, scalp, and any irritated, damaged skin (including cuts, scrapes, etc). 
    • Remember that citrus and floral notes are the most fleeting so a floral-forward scent will dissipate much more quickly than a woodsy or gourmand blend. Thus you may have to reapply these lighter blends a few times throughout the day.
    • Also remember that you will get used to your signature scent and won't notice it as much as those surrounding you. So don't be too quick to overapply!  
    • Keep in mind that if you've been to the gym and worked up a sweat, you'll need to reapply post-shower. 
    • Store your perfume roller in a cool, dark place for longest shelf life. Do not allow your roller bottle to be exposed to direct sun, excessive heat, high humidity (ahem, like the bathroom), or anywhere that it will be exposed to drastic temperature changes. 
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