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Our seasonal ritual aroma roller blends are the perfect natural perfume accent for every season. We thoughtfully craft every detail, taking into consideration the aromatherapeutic properties of each essential oil included in our blends. Each roller includes crystals that correspond with the blend and the season.  Our roller blends are blessed with Reiki love to assist you in your present journey and to bring more balance to your system. 


Samhain blend: a rich and mysterious blend of sweet orange, ginger, patchouli, clove and just a touch of pink peppercorn in a base of mugwort infused EVOO. Donned with a sprig of mugwort and carnelian chips for added protection during the thinning veil, and Reiki blessed for your highest and greatest good. OUR MOST POPULAR BLEND! 


Yule blend: A bright blend of juicy blood orange, fir needle, eucalyptus, cedarwood, spearmint and clove brings the promise of joy and light, lifting spirits bright. Sunny sunstone harmonizes with the oils to bring balance, guidance and protection during the dark days of winter. Reiki blessed!



Seasonal Ritual Aroma Rollers