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We know how much you love our Bits & Pieces sampler bags, and now we have loads of fun new sampler bags for you to enjoy! These cute individual shapes are made from overpours of our monthly soap collections. Most are scented, some are not, but they're all the same high quality artisan botanical soap that you know and love. Whimsical tags and fun packaging add an extra element of cuteness! Great price for a grab and go gift! 


Need a quick grab bag gift? How about a teacher appreciation or graduation gift set? Or something for a pet lover? Whatever the occasion, these cute soaps are a sweet treat for your loved ones! Also, great incentive soaps to help get young kiddos and reluctant bathers to wash their hands!


Paws & Reflect - these adorable paw shaped soaps are perfect for the animal lover in your life! Scents will vary and are random. Packaged in an organza bag.


Smitten Kitten - cat lovers will adore these pink and white soap rounds stamped with tiny kitten paws and sparkly glitter! Scented in a zesty &  bubbly fresh citrus explosion accented by sweet peach and persimmon. Packaged in an organza bag.


Bugs in a Rug - super cute assorted bug shapes in a rainbow of colors and scents! Packaged in a cotton muslin bag. Kid approved! 


Firefly - a dazzling bright palette of floral shaped soap bars with our delicate Firefly scent - a bright mix of grapefruit and bergamot accented by soft florals and honey nectar. Note: this scent is very light and almost undetectable until use! Great option for those who are scent averse but still want all the pretty soap. ;) Packaged in an organza bag.


Wonderland - flower shaped soaps scented in a sweetly floral wild honeysuckle scent with chunks of brightly colored soaps inside. Packaged in an organza bag.


Red Queen  - oval bars with a floral design but in basic black. Scented the same as our full Red Queen bars - juicy blood orange married to tart red cherry. Packaged in an organza bag. 


Summer of Love - flower shaped soaps in random mixed scents that include juicy citrus and warm sunkissed sunflower. Packaged in organza bag. 


Garden Party - rainbow colored rectangle bars with floral and leaf impressions. Random scents; light citrus.  Packaged in organza bag.


Bee Kind - natural or soft green oval bars with gold painted bees and honeycomb pattern. Random scents, but all are light to almost undetectable. Packaged in organza bag. 


Garden Bouquet - solid colored pastel bars with leaf impressions. Unscented! Packaged in organza bag. 






Approx 2-4oz bags (individual weights listed on tags; individual bars will vary in size)

Handcrafted soap will continue to evaporate water and lose weight over time. This makes for a finer, harder, and longer lasting bar.


Ingredients MAY VARY BY SLIGHTLY SELECTION but will generally include:  Distilled water, Hi-oleic Sunflower seed oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sodium hydroxide*, Mango seed butter, Cocoa butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Fragrance, Sodium lactate, Citric acid, Micas, Activated charcoal & Titanium Dioxide

*None remains in final product

NOTE: All of our soaps are free of most common allergens, but if you have specific allergy concerns, please message us prior to purchase. Some soaps may contain botanical additives not listed here, such as infused oils or hydrosols, fruit/veg purees, etc. 


Sampler Sets Artisan Botanical Soap

  • Handmade soaps need to breathe! We recommend storing your soap on a slatted or free draining soap dish so that it can air dry in between uses.

    • Remove botanical toppings prior to use.
    • Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water.
    • Use a wash cloth, loofah or soap saver bag to extend the life of your soap bar. 
    • Use your soap bar within one year of purchase. I know they're pretty to look at, but they're intended to be used so enjoy them! :)
    • Store unused soap out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity conditions.
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