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In Caroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", we first meet the Queen of Hearts, who is portrayed as a playing card. Caroll himself considered her "the embodiment of ungovernable passion." But in Through the Looking Glass we meet another royal...the Red Queen, who is portrayed as the queen piece on a chessboard, who dominates over everyone in her kingdom.  Adaptations and retellings over the years have melded the two characters together to the point where it's difficult to separate their identities. Which queen do you prefer?


We are kind of obsessed with the Red Queen ourselves....she is just soooo extra, LOL! The Red Queen is certainly a complicated character. Autocratic, overbearing, immoral, impatient, quick tempered, bloodthirsty and hateful....yet there's a bit of a wounded unloved child under her bitter exterior, which we get a glimpse of in Through the Looking Glass. It's not hard to see how she ended up with such big emotions! 


Our Red Queen bar attempts to capture the complex essence of the Red Queen! We wanted to show a bit of her bloodthirsty, tart side with a bit of her fondness for all things red. Juicy blood orange bridges with ripe red cherry and apple notes, capped with warm woodsy base notes and a hint of spice. Checkmate! She's voluptuous and distinctive, and you might just grow to love her! 


PLEASE NOTE: In true Red Queen fashion, this bar caused us quite a few challenges. Not gonna lie, she was a b$%&h to work with! LOL! There are hella irregularities in the bar sizes due to issues that arose during the cutting process. The jumble of hearts on top caused our cutter to go all wonky and some of the heart embeds are just plain ugly on the face of the bars. (Who woulda thunk that the Red Queen would have an ugly heart?! ;) HOWEVER, we can fully assure you that once you begin using the bar, it's "ugliness" will wash away and it will still wash just as cleanly as any other soap of ours! We have discounted this entire batch to compensate for the aesthetics and size irregularities. 

CAUTION: Due to the higher color load of this design, we highly recommend using this bar with one of our sisal soap saver bags, or a dark colored washcloth. The red colorant WILL create a red-pink tinted lather that may not be compatible with lighter colored fabrics.



Approx 4-4.5oz bar

Handcrafted soap will continue to evaporate water and lose weight over time. This makes for a finer, harder, and longer lasting bar.


Ingredients: Olive oil, Distilled water, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Hi-oleic Sunflower seed oil, Sodium hydroxide*, Mango seed butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Fragrance, Citric acid, Sodium lactate, Micas, Activated charcoal & Titanium Dioxide; embedded and topped with soap chunks of same content

*None remains in final product





Red Queen Artisan Botanical Soap

  • Handmade soaps need to breathe! We recommend storing your soap on a slatted or free draining soap dish so that it can air dry in between uses.

    • Remove botanical toppings prior to use.
    • Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water.
    • Use a wash cloth, loofah or soap saver bag to extend the life of your soap bar. 
    • Use your soap bar within one year of purchase. I know they're pretty to look at, but they're intended to be used so enjoy them! :)
    • Store unused soap out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity conditions.
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