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Does looking at your bank account cause you anxiety? Does seeing your neighbor's new car make you green with jealousy? Do you despise your coworker for getting that recent promotion? If so, maybe it's time for you to take a deep look at your relationship with money and flip the script from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset!


Abundance is a concept that transcends the mere accumulation of material wealth. Our mindset and our relationship with wealth extends into various aspects of our life, from financial prosperity to our emotional wellbeing and our overall sense of satisfaction with life.  Feeling wealthy isn't solely dependent on the amount of money in our bank accounts! 


Financial abundance may be the first thing we think of, but it's important to understand that there's more to prosperity than material wealth. While it's hard to deny that we rely on money to live and survive, we also use money as a form of self expression and to enhance our experiences in this journey of life. When you feel good about something, you get more enjoyment out of it. 


At the core of an abundance mindset is an attitude that embraces gratitude and positivity. Sometimes we forget to feel grateful for what we have because we spend a lot of time being stressed about what we don't have. An appreciation of what you have while maintaining an open and receptive attitude towards more blessings is the key to unlocking more abundance.


And while wealth and spiritual growth are perceived as polar opposites, it is our mindset surrounding money that either frees us or enslaves us to its power. Embracing abundance is a journey of self-awareness, personal growth and adapatibility. To expand our wealth, we must only allow ourselves to desire big things, but we have to also feel good about receiving them. 


Our Rain of Prosperity blend can help you bring more prosperity into your life by helping to shift your mindset, help you stay focused on your goals, and increase your motivation. One of the most powerful ways to shift our mindset is to intentionally shift our actions towards that which we intend for ourselves. We've created this blend with a synergy of abundance attracting essential oils.


BATCH DATE 06/09/24

We've harnessed the manifestation magic of lunar energy by intentionally infusing the water base of this spray with the powerful full moon frequency of April's full moon on 4/23/2024. This full Moon in Scorpio invites us to consider what subconscious beliefs are motivating us, and urges us to address our ego/shadow self. It is in this dark inner space that our fears of chaos and loss of control dominate. By turning our light of awareness inward, we can examine those reckless behaviors that sabotage our wellbeing and liberate ourselves to the wisdom of our true self and our deepest values.


Also included in this spray are crystals known for their association with abundance and prosperity. 


How to Use Rain of Prosperity to shift your mindset and attract more abundance: 

  • Spray around your aura before you pay bills, do any accounting or money management activities. How we spend our money is intimately linked to how we align with an abundance mindset. If you pay your bills angrily, with contempt and fear, your actions are out of integrity with success. So spritz yourself, get centered and grounded, and envision a successful version of yourself who enjoys the fruits of wealth and pays debts to others with gratitude and integrity. Feel deep gratitude for the outflow and hold trust that it will return to you tenfold. 
  • Spray yourself before you meditate, journal or pray. Envision your life as though you've achieved all of your goals and feel it in your very core. What do you do with all of that prosperity now that you have it? 
  • When you receive money, whether its a paycheck or a sale, celebrate that flow! Practicing gratitude for even the smallest of sums compounds our ability to receive more. Create your own ritual around celebrating inflows - spritz yourself with Rain of Prosperity, use sound medicine (sing, ring a tuning fork, stroke a singing bowl, etc), repeat an affirmation "I attract money effortlessly and easily" (or find one that resonates better for you). 




This listing for one 2oz green glass spray bottle.

Rain of Prosperity Personal Aura Spritz

  • Bergamot - this green fruit is commonly associated with bringing fortune and success. It's refreshing and uplifting scent brings joy and happiness!

    Bay Laurel - a powerful herb traditionally used for manifestation and prosperity

    Basil - very closely associated with abundance, its bright green leaves scream money, and it is traditionally used to attract success

    Lavender - its calming aroma boosts tranquility and brings peace and harmony so that you can relax and feel supported

    Ylang ylang - its sweet & flowery aroma helps create an atmosphere of positivity

    Tangerine - Citrus fruits are traditional symbols of prosperity, good fortune and luck and their cheery scents uplift and help us feel more positivity

  • Green Aventurine - known as the "stone of opportunity" and thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, this green stone aligns with growth and opportunity, allows one to move forward with confidence; enhances creativity and motivation and encourages perseverance.

    Citrine - its sunny color connects you with universal abundance; it helps you to remove abundance-blocking beliefs and opens the third-eye of financial wisdom and enhanced feelings of self worth.

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