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This all natural lava pumice stone is the most natural way to care your foot. It not only gives you excellent exfoliation but promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue.

Our natural lava pumice stones contain trace elements. With daily use, your skin will become baby smooth and soft, like you've just visited the spa!


The mini compact size of our pumice stone make sure it's easy to use even with one hand. The rope on the pumice stone help you to handle it during the exfoliation and makes it easy for daily storage - you can just hang and air dry.

How to Use: The pumice stone should be used on wet skin so preferably soak your feet for some time in warm water to soften skin, wet the pumice stone in warm water at the same time then rub it in a circular motion over any area where you want to remove callouses and dead skin . After exfoliating with the stone, use lotion or a thick hand/foot cream to moisturize and care for feet.

Natural Lava Pumice Stone

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