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When there is love in the heart, there are rainbows in the eyes, which cover every black cloud with gorgeous hues.~ Henry Ward Beecher


So don't be afraid to let them showYour true colorsTrue colors are beautifulI see your true colorsShining through (true colors)I see your true colorsAnd that's why I love you

Songwriters: Billy Steinberg / Tom Kelly

Our Pride Collection of perfume rollers is the perfect accent for recognizing the uniqueness of YOU!


Both our 5ml and 10ml rollers come in a rainbow of bottle colors for a festive and fun celebration of love! Our 10ml rollers contain crystals and have been Reiki blessed for your highest and greatest good. Our 5ml rollers are mini versions of the same blends, but contain only rainbow glitter for funsies.


Our 10ml rollers include a full rainbow of crystals to help you nurture your self-love and acceptance of your uniqueness, reminding you of the harmony that can be found in embracing both your raw power and inner radiance. See second picture for crystal color correspondences.

R = Rose Quartz: Known as the universal love stone, rose quartz resonates with the essence of unconditional love and acceptance.

O = Carnelian: Used to overcome trauma and to promote deep inner healing. Also known to "drive away evil things", making it a good choice to protect one against intolerance.

Y = Citrine: Citrine surrounds you in joyful warmth and ignites harmony and acceptance; will also shift your energetic vibration higher and keep your heart happy.

G = Green Aventurine: A comforting stone that eliminates negative thoughts and energies. It in known to induce calmness and serenity and to nurture self-love and emotional balance.

B = Blue Chalcedony: A powerful healing stone that dispels negativity and hostility and stimulates kindness and generosity towards others.

V = Amethyst: A powerful stone of spiritual protection that enhances our universal consciousness and connection with the divine. Promotes inner wisdom and intuition.


True Colors: A fresh, vibrant blend of grapefruit and bergamot with a soothing floral heart of jasmine and rose, accented by juicy peach and dark berries; all resting on a warm base of anise, tonka and amber. Soothing and romantic!

Available in both 5ml with rainbow glitter and 10ml with crystals


Shine On!: Bubbly, effervescent top notes of champagne and zesty orange peel cradled by a heart of refreshing pink grapefruit, juicy peach, and invigorating peppermint, enhanced by a smooth base of vanilla and ginger. Bright and zingy!

Available in both 5ml with rainbow glitter and 10ml with crystals



This listing for one 5ml OR 10ml roll-on bottle.


Ingredients: MCT oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, fragrance, crystals, biodegradable eco-glitter

Pride Perfume Oil Roller Collection

  • Perfume oil rollers do not contain any alcohol and thus won't have the staying power of a true parfum. However, here's a few tips to get the most out of each application:

    • Apply your perfume oil to moisturized skin. Aroma molecules evaporate far more slowly on well hydrated skin. Dry skin will quickly dissipate fragrance as well as those lighter and brighter top notes and floral heart notes.
    • Apply after bathing/showering when possible, when pores are open for maximum absorption. 
    • Try layering your scented products for a longer aromatic experience. Select scents that complement and/or have similar note profiles. A scented lotion or body oil will moisturize AND maximize scent retention. 
    • Apply to pulse points but do NOT rub in (rubbing will make the top notes burn off more quickly!). If you apply more than you wanted, simply tap your wrists together or dab on another pulse point. Warmth exuded from these points will project scent the longest. Best pulse points: wrists, neck/behind ears, collar bones, heart space, inner elbows (a great spot for long-lasting diffusion!), and behind knees.
    • However, there are certain spots that experts DO NOT recommend applying any perfume to, inlcuding eyes, face, privates, scalp, and any irritated, damaged skin (including cuts, scrapes, etc). 
    • Remember that citrus and floral notes are the most fleeting so a floral-forward scent will dissipate much more quickly than a woodsy or gourmand blend. Thus you may have to reapply these lighter blends a few times throughout the day.
    • Also remember that you will get used to your signature scent and won't notice it as much as those surrounding you. So don't be too quick to overapply!  
    • Keep in mind that if you've been to the gym and worked up a sweat, you'll need to reapply post-shower. 
    • Store your perfume roller in a cool, dark place for longest shelf life. Do not allow your roller bottle to be exposed to direct sun, excessive heat, high humidity (ahem, like the bathroom), or anywhere that it will be exposed to drastic temperature changes. 
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