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Our Natural Man Beard Oils are uniquely formulated to maximize proper beard health. Our quick absorbing formula is chock full of nourishing natural ingredients, delivering the following beard benefits:

  • Hydrate both the facial hair and the skin beneath it
  • Prevent dryness, itching, dandruff, coarseness & breakage
  • Retain beard volume, shape & texture
  • Promote healthy beard growth
  • Protects against folliculitis (ingrown hairs)
  • Provides a light and pleasant scent with aromatherapeutic qualities
  • Free from petroleum, mineral oil, artificial colors, phthalates & is safe for color treated beards


Our premium multi-tasking formula contains natural cold-pressed carrier oils known for their hair health-promoting properties, including jojoba, argan, broccoli seed, grapeseed, hemp and avocado oils.


Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Broccoli seed oil - a fast absorbing and deeply penetrating oil that will leave your beard feeling silky smooth while also locking in moisture and providing a sleek shine.  It contains generous amounts of erucic acid, a fatty acid that helps tame coarse beard hairs. 
  • Olive squalane - offers a silky, smooth texture without a greasy feeling, as well as strengthening the hair, improving shine, and enhancing elasticity to prevent breakage.
  • Argan oil - a superstar ingredient that not only offers deep moisturization and softness for the beard but also does wonders for the skin beneath the beard! Argan allays itchiness, dandruff, acne, dryness, and more. 
  • Hempseed oil - hailed as a versatile elixir for hair health, hempseed oil promotes hair growth, helps combat hair loss, nourishes the skin and scalp, restores hair health, and creates an optimal environment for healthy hair to thrive.


We've even included a vegan, olive-derived silicone alternative that delivers nourishing phytocompounds to support healthy hair and skin. You'll love the silky smooth finish and soft touch our beard oil offers!


Our beard oil blends offer a wide range of aromatic experiences to suit any  tastes. Your beard is a personal expression of your individual style and identity. Match your unique style with one of our custom blends! (If you don't see a perfect match, stop by our shop and let us know what you're looking for!)


  • The Huntsman: The skillful huntsman crouches quietly in the deep, dark woods in the crisp early morning hours patiently awaiting his prey. His breath swirls like pipe smoke as his eyes narrow in on every subtle movement of the forest. He is one with the land.  Woodsy and warm with notes of spice. 100% pure essential oils including black spruce, eucalyptus, grapefruit, mint & black pepper. 


  • The Wanderer:  The ever-inquisitive wanderer lets his soul roam free. Port to port, forest to desert, forever in search of a place that feels like home. Crisp, cool, herbaceous-green and slightly earthy.  Bright lime marries with earthy coriander seed and juniper berry, musky, tobacco-like clary sage and a hint of bergamot. 


  • The Connoisseur:  The connoisseur is an educated enthusiast of craft cocktails with an encyclopedic knowledge of the various botanicals required to craft a perfectly balanced artisan gin. Elegance and precision define this gentleman. Airy top notes of juniper give way to a woody fusion of cedar, cypress, balsam and oak with delicate hints of mint. 


  • The Appalachian: The Appalachian man is a complex creature whose soul belongs to the wild lands, the mountains and the hollers. You can take the boy out of the woods, but you can never take the woods out of the boy. He's artful, crafty, a modern-day Davey Crockett with a deep reverence for his homeplace. Forward notes of spiced rum and tobacco wrap around cinnamon and sandalwood for a truly unique and complex aroma. 


  • The Pirate: The raucous lifestyle and wild ways of the Pirate have left us with legendary tales that are still worth retelling today. Whether they were raiding merchant ships, braving the roiling seas with crude navigational tools, engaging in swashbuckling sword fights, or imbibing a bit too generously from the rum cask, these strategic sailors were certainly skilled and quick-witted. The shadowy waters of the high seas influence the mystery and dark intrigue of this popular scent - salty ocean accords of ozone and eucalyptus rise above a wave of dark musk and sandalwood. 


  • The Aficionado: The Aficionado is a cut above the rest. He is knowledgeable, articulate, worldly, elegant and endlessly curious. He savors every moment as he leisurely puffs a circle of smoke from his Cuban cigar and twirls the bourbon in his crystal tumbler, recalling daring adventures with an air of nostalgia. Bright green notes of bergamot, bay leaf and fir needle offer balance to the heady notes of brandy-infused tobacco on a warm base of oak and benzoin. 


  • El Capitan: A great captain is an exceptional leader who is strong, capable, and confident in his role. He's dependable, disciplined, and level-headed, even when a storm is brewing. But he's also a risk-taker - the ultimate tactician, and a diplomat to boot. El Capitan sees life itself as a voyage, with experiences offering treasures more valuable than gold (wink, wink JB). Spicy top notes of peppercorn, clove and allspice lead the way to midnotes of rich leather and teakwood that rest on a base of warm sandalwood. Bold and complex. 



How to Apply:

For best results, stick to this beard grooming routine:

  1. Wash beard with shampoo and rinse well
  2. Towel or blow-dry as needed
  3. Apply beard oil - pump out a few squirts to desired amount (start with a small amount) onto fingertips and/or palm (depending on size of beard) and gently comb through the beard using fingers, combing in a downward motion and gently massaging the skin underneath, working the oil down to the skin. Be sure to work the oil through your entire beard. For longer/thicker beards, use a comb to ensure thorough distribution. Comb both with and against the growth to really ensure the oil is well distributed. Go over mustache again with fingers.
  4. Comb and style as desired. 


Note: you don't necessarily need to apply beard oil daily. If you find that your beard is trending towards greasiness, cut back on how frequently/how much you apply.



Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, Hemp seed oil*, Broccoli seed oil, Argan oil, Castor oil, Olive Squalane, Hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate & hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables, Vitamin E mixed tocopherols, Rosemary extract & Fragrance/Essential oils


*Zero CBD/THC content. For external use only; do not ingest.


This listing for one 2oz amber pump bottle.

Natural Man Beard Oil

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