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NEW FOR 2024!


Our ever expanding facial bar collection offers pure botanical skincare for every skin type! We thoughtfully craft each formula to maximize the skin nourishing benefits, from balanced lipid content to active botanicals, clays and other additives that are reknown for their skin lovin qualities.


Our Mushroom Melody bar is the newest addition to our collection! This unique bar offers long-lasting moisture and skin conditioning. Formulated with a bevy of antioxidants and nutrient-rich oils and botanical additives, this bar is beneficial for most skin types.


The use of fungi in skincare is a rapidly expanding market, and with good reason. Mushies are truly one of nature's miracles! Various mushroom extracts have been shown to offer anti-aging, brightening and antimicrobial action. Polysaccharies in mushrooms help hold moisture, while fading dark spots and improving scar tissue in the process. Beta glucans offer serious anti-inflammatory properties as well as a bevy of antioxidants. This bounty of bennies make mushies star ingredients in the skincare world!


Our Mushroom Melody bar focuses on Reishi mushroom as the lead of this show. This calming mushroom, aka the "mushroom of immortality", is considered an adaptogen - natural substances that help the body adapt to stressors and exert a normalizing effect to bring the body into balance. Reishi is known to help balance mood and concentration, nourish the brain, support the immune system, and relieve stress. Reishi is prized in the beauty world for its soothing effects on the skin and its ability to protect the skin barrier from irritation. The polysaccharides in Reishi provide serious humectant and deep hydration benefits.


We've included Reishi in 2 ways in this bar. First, we brewed a strong water infusion of locally sourced Haw River Mushrooms dried reishi (essentially a mushroom tea) and used that as our water replacement. Second, we included ground Reishi throughout the bar, and a little crushed Reishi adorns the top of each bar. It's shroom-tastic!


Our Mushroom Melody doesn't stop with mushrooms, though! It's a perfect melody of active botanicals! And our essential oil blend sings a woodsy aromatic hymn that offers soothing aromatherapeutic action.


Ingredient Spotlight:

Reishi mushroom - super hydrator, anti-inflammatory, powerhouse of antioxidants

Kokum butter - excellent emolliency to soften and soothe while helping skin to retain moisture

Green tea oil - powerful anti-inflammatory; rejuvenates skin cells and reduces water loss

Red clay - rich in minerals to soothe and protect the skin, while also drawing out impurities; helps to regenerate skin texture and promotes the renewal of skin cells

Marshmallow root powder - its high mucilage content holds moisture, relieves itchiness and soothes redness

Nettle leaf powder -- powerful anti-inflammatory; soothes and nurtures sensitive skin, accelerates the healing process, tightens and firms the skin, regulates natural sebum production.

Matcha powder - potent anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen production and increases skin cell turnover for healthier skin


Essential oil benefits:

Litsea cubeba - promotes a healthy microbiome; great for oily and acne skin conditions

Cypress - tones, tightens and balances sebum

Juniper berry - soothes skin irritations and inflammation

Cedarwood - soothes skin irritation, inflammation, redness, and itchiness, as well as dryness


Approx 3oz* bar

*Each bar has been hand cut so the weights will vary somewhat. Individual bar weights are stated on the label.

Handcrafted soap will continue to evaporate water and lose weight over time. This makes for a finer, harder, and longer lasting bar.


>>We can't promise, nor do we make any claims that our facial bars will provide you with any of these skin benefits. The science is still undecided on whether any botanical benefits survive the saponification process. We just hope that you enjoy the love and care that we pour into our soap!


Ingredients: Distilled water with reishi mushroom extract, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Sodium hydroxide*, Kokum butter, Shea butter, Apricot kernel oil, Green tea seed oil, Castor oil, Reishi mushroom powder, French Red clay, Activated charcoal, Marshmallow root powder, Matcha powder, Sodium lactate, Fragrance/Essential oils of: Sweet orange, Cypress, Cedarwood, Juniper berry & Litsea Cubeba

*none remains in final product

Mushroom Melody Artisan Complexion Bar

  • Handmade soaps need to breathe! We recommend storing your soap on a slatted or free draining soap dish so that it can air dry in between uses.

    • Remove botanical toppings prior to use.
    • Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water.
    • Use a wash cloth, loofah or soap saver bag to extend the life of your soap bar. 
    • Use your soap bar within one year of purchase. I know they're pretty to look at, but they're intended to be used so enjoy them! :)
    • Store unused soap out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity conditions.
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