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Our Lagoon mask plunges deep into the sea to bring you a full host of marine-based skin treasures! Seaweed has long been used in beauty treatments, from the age-old tradition of bathing in seaweed to the modern-day seaweed spa body wraps. Lagoon boasts both kelp and spirulina amongst its #vitaminsea bennies making for a seaworthy skincare partner! And marine collagen makes this mask trendsetting!


Collagen is all the craze in the skincare circles lately, and for good reason. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body - the protein responsible for skin elasticity- and it keeps our skin strong and firm....essentially, it's the secret to youthful skin. Unfortunately, our body begins to produce less collagen with age—and your skin pays the price. When collagen production fades, the skin becomes loose and saggy, causing wrinkles. Enter the collagen mask to save the day! 


Regularly nourishing your skin with collagen-enriched face masks will help you maintain collagen levels as your body naturally decreases its production of this important protein over time. The specific source of collagen makes a dramatic impact on how well your mask will work, with marine collagen topping the charts in bennies over bovine-based sources. We've sourced the most optimal bioavailable marine collagen available to help you maintain healthy collagen production, diminish signs of aging, and boost skin hydration. 


The greatest benefit of a clay mask? You get the option to completely customize it for your skin type by choosing the activator (liquid) that works best for you! Refer to our mask preparation tips section for more info!


Want to maxx the marine power of this mask? Try hydrating it with saltwater! Sea salt boosts the mineral content in the mask, raising its cleansing power, and softens the skin. Plus, by using real sea salt (pls do NOT use table salt!), you get the added benefit of essential minerals. Saltwater also reduces bacteria and balances sebum production.  See our tips below for hydrating your mask with salt water. 


This mask contains no essential oils or other fragrances. You will smell the natural and distinct marine aroma of the seaweed when using this mask. 


Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Dead Sea Clay - harvested from the depths of the Dead Sea, a salt lake located between Jordan and Israel, this unique clay is loaded with over 35 essential minerals. The mineral concentrations in the Dead Sea are up to 80 times higher compared to other seas. Dead Sea mud is packed with restorative minerals like Calcium, Silica, and Zinc, which enhance the skin's elasticity. Silica, in particular, helps stimulate collagen production. Dead Sea mud is a natural detoxifier, absorbing excess oil, drawing out toxins, reducing inflammation and targeting the bacteria that cause breakouts.  Its gentle exfoliating action removes dead skin cells and restores moisture to dry, dull skin, leaving it soft, plump, and deeply hydrated. 
  • Spirulina - Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in fresh and salt water, including oceans and salty lakes in subtropical climates. Spirulina is rich in marine collagen, vitamins, and antioxidants, making it a #vitaminsea superstar. It can help alleviate dark circles under the eyes, plump skin, help maintain healthy skin pH levels, reduce inflammation, and prevent bacteria from growing (hello acne). 
  • Kelp powder - Sea kelp is a large brown algae that grows in undersea forests. This powerhouse plant is a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource that can be extracted without harm to the marine ecosystem. Kelp is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to hydrate and protect skin from environmental stressors. It's highly anti-inflammatory, super hydrating, and naturally detoxifying.
  • French green clay - a mineral-rich clay mined off the coast of France, its unique green hue comes from is derived from iron oxides and decomposed plant matter, specifically kelp and seaweed. It's a powerful detoxifier and gentle exfoliator, lending improved skin texture and increased cell turnover, ensuring your skin looks and feels revitalized.
  • Aloe vera powder - The gel of the Aloe Vera plant is legendary for its unique properties to soothe and moisturize dry, irritated or damaged skin. This concentrate aloe powder dramatically boosts hydration and relieves inflammatory skin issues. 


Full ingredient listing:

French Green clay, Tapioca starch, Kaolin clay, Spirulina powder, Aloe vera powder, Dead sea clay, Kelp powder, Hydrolyzed Marine collagen & Avocado oil


*CAUTION: this product may cause sensitivities to those allergic to iodine.


CAUTION: Use extreme caution when opening product as powder is loose and will make a mess if spilled. Do NOT inhale powder.  Do NOT allow any liquid to enter jar and do NOT expose product to humid environment. Do NOT put wet fingers into product jar. Use a wooden mask spoon to spoon out product. Discard product if any such contamination occurs. Disontinue use immediately if any irritation occurs. If your skin is particularly sensitive, conduct a 24hr patch test on wrist before applying to face.


This listing for a 1oz glass jar of loose powder mask. 

Lagoon Marine Collagen Mask

  • Are you using your clay mask correctly?

    Clay masks offer a deep cleansing boost that you might otherwise not be getting from your normal skincare routine. The biggest misconception when using a clay mask is that it should remain on the skin until it becomes dry and flaky. You just kick back with a glass of wine and wait until your skin feels like a dried up desert creek bed, right?! Wrong! LOL

    A clay mask goes through three distinct phases when applied to the skin: 

    • Damp phase - as clay absorbs water, it expands and expels impurities from your pores while the active botanicals go to work improving your skin terrain
    • Slightly dry phase - as the mask begins to cool and contract, circulation is boosted. This is the optimal time to remove your mask! When it just begins to dry and lightens in color but is still tacky to the touch.
    • Completely dry phase - moisture is drawn from the surface of the skin, causing skin to be dehyrated and irritated.  
  • How to Use as a Mask: First wash your face to ensure it’s clean. Using a wooden spoon (no metal!), scoop out approx. a teaspoon of the mask mixture into a glass or ceramic bowl. To activate your mask, add one or more of the following liquids to fully customize your mask.  For a spa-worthy mask, use just a little liquid to create a paste!

    •    filtered/distilled water  For this mask in particular, salt water makes an excellent companion! Just dissolve a tablespoon of salt in half a cup of water - you will have to heat the water to fully dissolve the salt - and use this to activate your mask once it cools. Don't let your mask dry out too much or the saltwater will dry up the beneficial sebum and work against you!!

    •    hydrosol of your choice 

    •    cooled green tea or herbal tea of your choice (chamomile, nettle, calendula, etc) for a mineral and antioxidant rich mask

    •    apple cider vinegar or witch hazel for an astringent mask (oily/acneic skin)

    •    aloe vera juice/gel (sensitive/mature/dry skin)

    •    honey and aloe for a moisturizing, enzyme rich mask (dry/sensitive skin)

    •    yogurt for a cooling, probiotic mask (dry/sensitive skin) 

    •    1-2 pumps of your favorite facial oil for a deeply replenishing mask (dry/sensitive/mature)

    Start with a teaspoon (equal proportion to your clay) and add by the drop until you get a nice paste consistency. You don’t want your mask to be too thick, as you want to apply a thin layer across your entire face and neck. But you also don’t want it to be too runny or it won’t stick. 
    When your mask is the appropriate consistency, test a small amount on the inside of your wrist to ensure your skin doesn’t react.  Apply a thin layer of the mask with your fingertips over your face and neck, avoiding delicate eye and lip areas. A mask brush or large foundation brush provides an even application. Leave the mask on for 5-15 minutes. Spritz your face with water or toner to keep the mask moist. Continue to spritz every time you feel the mask reaching the dry phase so that you can keep the mask on for the maximum time. But don't exceed the recommended time as there is no added benefit.  Follow your instincts – if the mask starts to feel uncomfortable, you can remove it.  It will start to feel sticky as it dries, and this sticky phase is the time to remove it. Once it is dry (or before, if it isn’t drying quickly due to being on very thick), rinse your mask off with lukewarm water and blot gently with a damp cloth to remove mask completely. Spray skin with toner and follow up with your favorite moisturizer. 

    To target blemishes, mix 1tsp of the mask mix with enough lemon juice to make a paste. Apply to entire face or as a spot treatment directly to blemishes. You may wish to add a drop of tea tree oil to the paste for added effectiveness. Wash off after 5 minutes. 

    Follow up your mask application with a toner or moisturizer. We recommend using weekly. Understand that a consistent routine of masking weekly will have the most profound effect on your complexion and improve your skin over time, without any side effects. We are proponents of the slow and steady approach as it yields long term results and supports optimal skin health. I recommend setting aside a special time of your least busiest day of the week and taking a self-care time-out. 

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