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Wax melts are back!! Wax enthusiasts treasure our creative and fun themed assortments! 


We offer our custom crafted handpoured wax melts in 100% soy wax with phthalate-free fragrances. 


Our Happily Ever After collection celebrates the season of love!  Pick and choose as the mood strikes.The meticulously curated scents in our themed collections blend seamlessly together so that you can melt them separately or together.  ;0


Red Hearts - heady neroli and jasmine will have you swooning head over heel!

Pink Hearts - Romantic lily of the valley and lilac in bloom - a marriage made in heaven! 

Jewels - Punchy citrus notes entertwined with rose petal, jasmine, sandalwood and musk.

Lips - Sweet and soft! Candy sweet fruit notes atop sumptuous freesia, tulip, and rose, resting on a soft base of cashmere musk, vanilla and amber. 

Minis -  Pump up the passion with passionfruit, mango, lip-smackin strawberry and guava! 


Our cute little wax shapes are accented by sparkling biodegradable plant-based glitters and micas that will create mesmerizing swirls as they melt! 


This listing for one approx 4oz recyclable paperboard tub of wax melts.


Need a wax warmer? Check out our selection of boutique wax warmers! 

Happily Ever After Wax Melt Assortment

  • How to Use:

    • Add to the top of your wax melt burner or electric burner to melt. Do not add water!
    • Turn on electric burner or traditional burner with a lighted tealight and allow the wax to melt where the fragrance will fill the room.
    • Ensure that burner is situated on a stable, level, heat-proof surface away from drafts and flammable items. 
    • Wax melts should not be burned for more than 3-4 hours at a time.
    • Give the warmer time to cool before touching/handling.
    • Never leave burner unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 
    • Once the wax has solidified, you can continue re-melting until the fragrance has faded. Then simply remove the remaining wax and replace with a fresh melt. 
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