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Have you heard of the magical legend of Tomte? Also named Nisse in Norway or Denmark and Tonttu in Finland. They are solitary, mischievous domestic sprites responsible for the protection and welfare of farmsteads and their families and animals. Folklore says they originated from the soul of the first farmer and are ancestral figures who command respect. Tomte are still near and dear to Scandinavian hearts as they were in olden days.


A tomte is described as an older, little man about the size of a young child. He wears old often ragged clothes, usually gray or navy, and sports a bright red cap on his head. He resides in the pantry or barn and watches over the household and farm. He is responsible for the care of the farm animals, especially the horses. The tomte or nisse loves to work but will not tolerate anyone’s interference. They say a dirty house or stables, or treating animals unfairly, will surely upset your tomte, and you definitely do NOT want to offend your little friend or you may find yourself on the wrong end of some strange and naughty pranks! It is believed that a clean and orderly home or farm is an indication that this domestic sprite resides there.


Tomte need very little from us humans, but they do demand the trust and respect of their homeowners. If respect is lacking from anyone who lives on the farmstead then they will not remain and the inhabitants of the farm will not thrive and the farmer will be reduced to poverty. They ask only that once a year on Christmas Eve, they have a bowl of their favourite food (julgröt) Christmas porridge, as thanks for their protection throughout the year. A tomte's porridge is his due and it must be topped with a generous knob of butter!


Our adorable Gnome of the North bath bomb brings the magic of a Nordic midwinter's night to your bath. Visions of snow-covered pines and arctic winds and the captivating aurora borealis will fill your mind when you bathe in this magnificient aromatic blend! Top notes of crisp eucalyptus and soothing lavender give way to a heart of resinous pine, all resting on an herbal, woody base of rosemary, cedar, and oakmoss. 


Our handpainted gnomes contain a hidden surprise!  Inside each one is a frosty embed that will create a magical foamy swirl of blue, white & purple leaving your bath water a dark blueish to purple hue. We've handpainted each one and adorned with a sparkly snowflake! 


This listing for one approx 4.5+ oz bath bomb.

Each item is handmade and therefore may contain cosmetic imperfections or inconsistencies that do not affect their use.

*These bath bombs have been tub-tested without staining. However, if your tub has a ring of soap scum, the dyes will be attracted to these areas. We highly recommend using this product in a clean bath tub. 



Bomb base: Baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, coconut milk powder, fragrance, Polysorbate 80, cocoa butter, avocado/sunflower oil, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, cream of tartar, cocamidopropyl betaine & bath safe dyes & micas




CAUTION - Use only as directed. Excessive use or prolonged exposure may cause irritation to skin and urinary tract. Discontinue use if rash, redness, or itching occurs. Consult your physician if irritation persists. Keep out of reach of children except under adult supervision. Do not ingest.

Gnome of the North Bath Bomb

    • Unwrap bath bomb carefully.
    • Remove any botanicals, stones, etc that you do not wish to have going down the drain. 
    • Run the water into your bathtub to a comfortable bath temperature (92f)
    • Place your bath bomb in the water.
    • Wait 3-6 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve and release its scent.
    • Pop yourself in the tub.
    • Relax! Perhaps set the mood with some bath-time music, candles or soft lighting, a good book, etc. Set an intention for your bath ritual and follow up your soak with soft, cozy jammies and some chill time. 
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