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Our Bare Naked Butter Bar is our most gentle soap formula - rich in pure, natural unrefined cocoa, shea and mango butters and luxuriously superfatted for exceptional conditioning. With the addition of coconut milk and aloe juice, and soothing colloidal oats, this bar offers maximum skin softening benefits.  Completely unscented and uncolored.  Perfect for babies and those with sensitive skin. 


What is superfatting?? 

To properly answer that, you need to understand a little bit about the soapmaking process. Saponification is is the science of turning fat or oil into soap. As it takes both fat and water to create soap, and oil and water are notoriously difficult to combine, something else is required to bind these ingredients together. That’s where sodium hydroxide, aka lye, comes into play. Lye is used in soapmaking to bind oil and water together. The chemical reaction that happens when lye is combined with liquid and fats causes the oils to break down into fatty acid chains while the lye is neutralized. That chemical reaction is the process of saponification. Superfatting is the process of using less lye (or more fat) than industry standards so that there’s some leftover oil in the soap that’s not bound to lye. This leaves behind more unsaponified fat, providing more moisture in the soap. Superfatted soap is less harsh and more moisturizing on the skin. All of our soaps are intentionally superfatted to provide you with a luxurious soaping experience.



Approx 3.0 - 3.5oz bar, packaged in a natural sisal soap saver bag.  

Handcrafted soap will continue to evaporate water and lose weight over time. This makes for a finer, harder, and longer lasting bar. 


Ingredients: Saponified oils of: olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, hi-oleic sunflower oil, shea butter & castor oil; sodium hydroxide, coconut milk, aloe vera juice & colloidal oats


Bare Naked Butter Bar Artisan Botanical Soap

  • Handmade soaps need to breathe! We recommend storing your soap on a slatted or free draining soap dish so that it can air dry in between uses.

    • Remove botanical toppings prior to use.
    • Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water.
    • Use a wash cloth, loofah or soap saver bag to extend the life of your soap bar. 
    • Use your soap bar within one year of purchase. I know they're pretty to look at, but they're intended to be used so enjoy them! :)
    • Store unused soap out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity conditions.
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