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As we enter the new year, embark with us upon a year-long journey into magickal lands of folklore and fantastical realms of enchantment. We invite you, dear friends, to step through the mirror into an extraordinary world where magick is real and epic adventures unfold. Our captivating compendium of upcoming products is a treasure trove of tales long told; each story offering a glimpse into a different corner of a vibrant and immersive universe and the collective imagination of the greatest poets and storytellers of all time.

Some of our monthly collections will focus solely on a single particularly fascinating tale; other times we will dabble in various stories that suit that month's theme.

As you traverse with us through each collection, you will discover the enduring and inexplicable alchemy of scent and memory, and the power it wields to shift us out of the mundane and into the magical. Through the alchemy of beauty, art, ritual, intention, and the healing power of the plants themselves, we will experience a deep connection with these unseen realms.

Prepare to be enchanted!

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