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This January, join us on the other side of the mirror as we journey to magical lands where frozen landscapes are accessed only through an armoire of olde, ruled by one particularly icy witch.

Our Midwinter Muse Collection for January muses over our collective stories about winter and it's simultaneous harshness and stark beauty - good vs evil and wild winter magick.

Mingling between the pages of Yuletide tales (Winter Solstice) and the Spring Equinox are the Midwinter myths....stories of Snow Queens and White Witches with hearts of icy rage, endless winters where beauties sleep, and magic mirrors that reflect only the ugliest of intentions. Pagan cultures from the Celts to the Norse recognized the darkness of winter as a time of reflection and peace, each adding its own unique rituals and folklore contributions, leaving us with a rich tapestry of stories woven from their experiences.

According to the old Nordic Runic calendar, January 12th is Midwinters Day, marked by the symbol of a snowflake. It was said that "today half the winter passes but the greatest cold remains", reminding us that the coldest months of winter have yet to arrive. Those that live year-round in the icy fingers of the Deep North know how to live harmoniously with these extreme elements. The Danish call it hygge (hoo-gah) - creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. While the bitter winds dance and howl outside the windows, indoors they are quietly creating a new future from the comfort of the armchair. As they sip their hot tea and cocoa, wrapped in the warmest wool and cashmere, with a cat curled by their ankles, they read aloud the myths and fairy tales of generations past to the delight of their children.

This winter, join with Solstice to create your most cozy season ever! After the busyness of the holidays, Midwinter is the optimal time to slow down and coddle yourself with lots of self-care. We've got plenty of pampering magic for you to indulge in, from soaps to scrubs and lotions to perfumes! The finishing touch of a cozy home is often the scents that waft and linger for our enjoyment. We have meticulously curated the coziest scents to fill your home with the delights of winter, from room sprays to wax melts and candles (Yep, I said it, they're baaack!).




This distinctive candle collection embraces the magic and enchantment of our 2024 Realms of Enchantment journey. Each of our custom blended fragrances suggest a glimpse through the magic mirror where extraordinary worlds and epic experiences await...

Our sophisticated bronze tins provide an elegant style to match both our rich, warm scents and your winter decor in the style of hygge (the Danish quality of “coziness and comfortable conviviality”).

Our meticulously curated scents will lead you to the unseen, transformative worlds of your boundless imagination. Tuck your worn and weathered map into your leather pack, blow the dust from that stack of rare tomes in your mahogany-lined library, and step through the mirror to discover mystical lands of myth and lore. We urge you to visit our product listing to wrap yourself fully in the magical vibes of each of these unique scents.

Stay cozy, my friends!

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