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2024 Carolina Tiger Rescue benefit bar!


Last year we debuted our very first CTR benefit bar, Rawr. Several bars were donated along with a full basket of goodies for their Black Tie & Tails silent auction. The remaining bars were so popular that we doubled the batch for 2024....with a new design, new scent and a dedication to one of our favorite CTR residents!


Introducing Saber! This striking bar evokes the exquisite beauty of the rarest of all tigers, the white tiger.  Surprisingly, the white tiger is NOT a subspecies of the tiger family; rather, they are the direct result of inbreeding in captivity, and all descended from a single white tiger that was captured from the wild in the 1950’s. The last known wild white tiger was killed in 1958; thus every single white tigercurrently on the planet is a captive tiger, bred exclusively to be "show-worthy".  Worse yet, only 1 in 30 of those bred meet the breeder's "expectations", leaving 29 unwanted, with a range of birth defects and deformities, from blindness to epilepsy.  


Fortunately, the Big Cat Public Safety Act was signed into law in December 2022, forbidding further breeding of big cats held in captivity by private owners and restricting private ownership, including no direct contact with the public. This significant legislation will help protect big cats from further exploitation in the U.S.  Licensed sanctuaries such as CTR offer the last hope for a safe and comfortable life for these animals. 


Saber is a longtime resident of CTR, having been rescued from a facility in Colorado when the owner fell ill and could no longer take care of the animals.  Saber is known to be a playful, personable and silly guy who loves to play in the water! He is a handsome cat with striking blue eyes. 

(All images of Saber belong to Carolina Tiger Rescue)


Our Saber bar captures the exotic heart of this big cat with a woodsy base palette of cedarwood, frankincense, vetiver, and patchouli warmed with spicy notes of clove and black pepper. Earthy and emigmatic. 


Approx 3.5-4.0oz bar (varies by batch)

Handcrafted soap will continue to evaporate water and lose weight over time. This makes for a finer, harder, and longer lasting bar.


Ingredients:Olive oil, Distilled water, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Hi-oleic Sunflower seed oil, Sodium hydroxide*, Mango seed butter, Avocado oil, Castor oil, Fragrance, Sodium lactate, Titanium Dioxide, Activated Charcoal & Micas

*None remains in final product




Saber Artisan Botanical Soap

  • Handmade soaps need to breathe! We recommend storing your soap on a slatted or free draining soap dish so that it can air dry in between uses.

    • Remove botanical toppings prior to use.
    • Don't allow your soap to sit in a puddle of water.
    • Use a wash cloth, loofah or soap saver bag to extend the life of your soap bar. 
    • Use your soap bar within one year of purchase. I know they're pretty to look at, but they're intended to be used so enjoy them! :)
    • Store unused soap out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperature fluctuations and high humidity conditions.
    • You may experience colored lather with dark or brightly colored bars; however, no permanent staining should occur. 
    • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
    • Soaps are for external use only & are not edible
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